Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love is in the twitter.

Following me replying to his tweet saying that I want to get married next year, Ayah asked me while on the phone this morning.

Ayah: Betul ke awak nak kawen?
Bella: Er. Why are we talking about marriage again?
Ayah: Your tweet bla bla you and him bla bla marriage bla bla.
Bella: (arguing on whether he was subtly replying to my tweets without being too obvious or if he simply didn't know how to reply to others' tweets - trying to divert the conversation)
Ayah: Takde lah. Kalau nak kawen, tanya lah MARA boleh ke tak. Ni tanya parents buat apa.
Bella: ..............???????

Btw this was his tweet. (or something like that)

"Bercinta niat mesti untuk kahwin. Kalau tak, haram."

Setepek atas dahi.

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