Saturday, February 25, 2012

We were way too cool to live by the rules.

Haven't talked to Umi for quite some time. The Internet here is just too slow for Skype calls. And me being a cheapskate, or rather, penniless, won't just spend my phone allowance on international calls when I can just use Ayah's credit card all the way. Problem is, I need the Internet. Argh, screw you Virgin. Unifi back home in PV8 is waaaaay better, even all the way up to 25th floor.

Not that I'm used to call home everyday, nor every week, but I guess the feeling of not listening to their voices is too unpleasant. Incomplete. The end result - I keep bugging the same person. Which I'm pretty sure annoys the crap out of him. Sigh. Clingy me.

Meanwhile a close friend in high school is geting married this March. She's one of the Geng 13, the ruler of the school (lol) in such a terrible way. Our excitement, or rather, theirs, is successfully shown by massive plans of meeting ups, bridesmaids shopping (pun boleh), and such, all on the evil Facebook. Girls power, as we used to call it back then. I'm so sad that I'm gonna miss it. You see, I don't have that many girlfriends, and that bunch of people from high school are among the ones who stick, despite me far far away now. They are now too busy planning on the dress colours, hennas and stuff, and I'll just be here mourning to myself in the cold (and read their comments and stuff).

I miss high school. When I was in Form 1 to early Form 4. Having said that, means that I miss my lower secondary school, which I shall not mention the name here in fear that it will give the school an unpleasant image considering how I turn out to be now (really). 

We were so otai back then. We skipped prep classes, dated the boys (and soon launched a NO-BOYS-ALLOWED campaign), fly and went home without permission, conquered the public phone until 3-4 in the morning, brought our own handphones, played hide and seek with the warden freehair (and wearing shorts) in the ampaian area visible to the boys, everything. We thought we were the coolest gang (we WERE indeed heheh). Oh didn't I mention how we robbed (lol what a word) the koop and stole some ice creams and got caught? Really, we meant to pay them on the next day (the act was done at the night before), but it seemed that luck was not on our side. We got caught and our noble intention was dismissed. And later we were referred as the Geng Ais Krim by the boys. Screw all of them. Yes, despite having some flings here and there with them, I really hated the boys. Well, some of them. Lol.

I still remember the famous phrase "Usolli fiddormitri A3C.." when we wanted to pray in the dorm. Yes it's my dorm A3C. Looking back I felt so jahil saying all those stuff. But it was all for the sake of fun. Hiding in the locker during prep hour when the warden came to check for us (heck we were all marked with a HUGE RED X on our foreheads due to our otai-ness by almost everyone) was not an impossible mission anymore. The thrill, the excitement, the rush of adrenaline in fear of getting caught was just addictive. Otai kan, apa barang ikut peraturan. Lol. That was us. The thirteen of us (though later I think we recruited some new members and expanded our territory) Lol again. What a life.

Even after I left the school, the new Form 4 would still recognize me as one of the former students. Not much by the As scored in PMR, but all credits went to the acts and deeds I managed to do while I was still a student there. Horror. But I can't help to have some sense of pride of being in the gang, and of course, to be in that excellent remarkable school (in the sense of recruiting students like us).

Now we've all grown up. But the memories remain. Insyirah is getting married very soon, who's next, I'm not too sure. Neny, Ruby, Nisa, Farah, Shara, Nabila, Pya, Yasmin, Aliya, Ella, Fa, Aisyah, Ceku.. We define the term "Girl Power", really. 

But really, having girlfriends waaaaaay too cool like them, I wonder if I ever want my kids to ever go to boarding school, considering how their mummy was. Heheh.

Cherating, 2008. Look how scruffy I was (and still am)

I wish to upload more pictures of us (especially the ones with tudung labuh at school which might just disguise me completely considering how I'm dressed nowadays) but I don't have them with me right now. Not sure if I lost them completely or if they're just left in my old white Pavi together with some other childhood junks and (precious) memories. All I have is this one album at Cherating sadly we were inappropriately dressed aka with little clothes on so only these pictures passed. Heh.

But the highlight of the trip was this.

Sh Amani. We look scarily similar. Agreed by the movie crews as well.
And ohhh, her birthday is 10th June while mine is 1st of June.

Well just saying.


Anonymous said...

bella dulu sekolah mana?

Bella said...

Sekolah menengah :)