Sunday, February 5, 2012

If we hold tight, shadows will be lost in the light.

It’s cold. It’s snowing. It’s freezing cold everything seems so bleak.

For some reasons, she’s crying. Not that she’s not used to crying, but this time she’s well aware of the reason for her river of tears. Which makes her even sadder.

She feels defeated. By life. By fate. By her own feelings.

Unfortunately fighting isn’t an option. She could be a fighter if she wanted, but there’s no point of fighting. This is life. The battlefield is the life itself; there is no way she could win. Scared of being terribly beaten and bruised again, no, this time she’ll let it pass.

Most of all, she’s scared of losing.

That everything will be okay
I know that it's so easy to say 
But the pain inside will fade
Please tell me that you'll stay.

Holes Inside, Joe Brooks

To Zahid, I wish you all the happiness in the world cause you deserve nothing less than that.
And KN, thank you.

Don't walk away from me.


Afiqah said...

Bella, I feel so sad right now but I don't why I'm telling you this over here. :(

Bella said...

i feel you :( remember when you text me the verses from al-insyirah when we talked about the tok thingy and how hard it was for me to be left alone? hang on there. these times are hard, but they will pass iAllah(:

Afiqah said...

:,) I wish I could fast forward the time.