Sunday, December 25, 2011


You know, staying up late to study can be an achievement to some. Me too, except I find it a little bit too unhealthy. And dangerous. Because at one point I'll be bombarded by my thoughts, ridiculous unnecessary thoughts. These thoughts are later joined by some casts needless to say, TOTALLY UNNECESSARY.

And as my eyes grow all weary and tired, the next best thing to do is to go online. And write. And not having a valid point to write on. Just write.

Part of it is because I'm missing someone. It hasn't been long since I last heard from that someone, but enough to make me go SIGH I MISS YOU just before I shut my eyes and go to bed.

And waking up to no missed calls neither text messages. And remembering that I had a full sleep the night before not being disrupted by late night calls. It feels different. Sigh.

Cause I'm sad liddat :(

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