Saturday, December 24, 2011

Birmingham and The Chocolate Factory.

I could say my life feels complete now that Izleen is here, but no, I still have to cram everything by January 1st. And having her here makes makes it much harder, not because she won't let me, but simply because I don't want to. It's like, notes can wait, while she's leaving on 28th (they rhyme?) But then there's Adam asking "Takkan awak nak start study 29 haribulan kot." Hurgh. Dilemma. What a life-changing decisions I have to make.

Despite being caught in the middle (drama gila), we still managed to go for a random trip to Birmingham yeay! Mind you the train tickets were booked at 1am the night before the trip. Gilo apo. But hey, we made it!

So everyone, say hello to Birminghaaaaaam!

Cadbury Wooorldehhh here we coooomeeeehhh!

Union Jack!
Taken shortly after we purchased the tickets

And inside..

Viewed from inside

Heart chocolates

Catching the bubbles!
Picnic for lunch outside
See the picture? We think it's sooooo cute! :D 

Chocolate piper

After spending hours in there, we decided to head back to Birmingham New Street since we purchased return train tickets to Bournville (where the Cadbury World is). And from New Street we took a bus to Coventry Road. For this.

They have like a gazillion of books and shawls and stuff. And the shawls are soooo cheap and cantik! Kalau nak compare dengan malls and kedai like H&M, Dorothy Perkins and stuff la. And they even have things like minyak atar, abaya, tasbih, sejadah, Quran and nasheed CD and all those Islamic stuff. Stepping into here, the smell reminds me to Makkah. Memories.

Coventry Road is like an Islamic Town (China Town-ish?) where you can find rows of halal restaurant and bookshops and even regular shops owned by Muslims. The price is reasonable and I guess what's more is the sense of having your brothers and sisters around. I don't know, it always touches me whenever I see Muslims in a large crowd in UK. Feels like we are all here united for a cause. Like the Twins of Faith event in London. But again perhaps it's just me.

Later after strolling down Coventry Road we decided to have dinner. Plenty of time to kill, so buffet is the perfect place to be at!

What more interesting is the fact that it was their first day operating! Things were a bit kecoh since it's their first day, but the manager was very kind. He let us pray at the first floor and even provided sejadah, which is kind of fair since Coventry Road itself is a Muslim-packed place. But I guess if they have a specific prayer room that would be nicer. But price-wise, it's £11.99 per person, all you can eat, excluding drinks. Not bad, but honestly, I still prefer Red Hot Buffet. The food here is good, but I guess not to my taste. Not quite.

Next, before heading home, we stopped by at Bullring shopping mall. Yes, the famous Bullring. Went into Selfridges, bought a notebook with kotak kotak pages for £9.75. Yes I know it's damn expensive for a buku kotak kotak (imagine your Maths exercise book in high school but this time with an ultra stylish cover), but I couldn't resist myself, and I have always been a HUGE DIE HARD FAN of stationeries! It was a guilty pleasure, but me so happy now that I can play titik titik in that book! You know, that kind of dots you make at intersections of the kotak with red vs blue pen and you have to make fortress (I call them rumah) and engulf your enemy. Oh, tak faham sudah. Itu my childhood okay.

Don't know what castle it is

The famous Bullring
Fun times, checked. Girlfriends ramai ramai going for trips are fun, but just the two of us, we make the best company in the world. I feel contented. Even just to Birmingham. Dua orang. That's enough.

So now.. Back to epithelial and glands!

While watching her still asleep in my bed T_T