Saturday, December 17, 2011

Major crush on.

I'm not that into Tissues of the Body modules, which basically is all about human anatomy and histology and stuff, but this lecturer makes it so hard to resist, despite having 8.30am Wednesday classes as compared to 9.00am on other days.

People, meet Dr H.

So we had the last lecture on Tissues of The Body last Wednesday (don't ask, I forgot what it was about), and Dr H with his overflowing charm made us go through a quick test for his mid-lecture break.

We were all given a piece of paper each to write down our answers to 5 questions and our names. After the last question, he announced that everyone would have to submit the answers via air mail.

And by that, he meant paper planes.


Imagine how cool was that? Everyone was busy folding their paper planes using the answer papers and launching them into the air, hoping that those planes would get to the front stage of the lecture. We could see like many many many paper planes flying in the air and some of them even landed on others but no one really cared. It was the joy of launching paper planes, aiming them to your lecturer at the front! I was, of course, trying hard to capture this epic moment but obviously, turned out as an epic fail since 4S is just a phone, and I was shaking out of excitement.

Serious excited gila.

See those paper planes on the right? That obviously would not make it to the final front stage terminal.

He then collected the "assignments" one by one to check on who got it right, and announced their names saying that he'd reward them with stuff.

One of the assignment papers he claimed to be void due to improper folding of the paper plane. It was actually a paper merely crumpled thrown to the front stage (because not every paper plane can easily make it to the front especially if you're sitting at the back of the lecture hall)

Later on he chose winners who got the answers right and said that he'd give them presents, which were actually stuff from his office! Some were medals, a can drink, old Histology books, instant noodles and stuff.

Like seriously, not only his method of assignment submission was cool, he even said that the due date has passed, that those who submitted late wouldn't be counted even if they (they paper planes) made it to the front!

I know my writing is doing injustice towards him, since only those who were in the lecture hall will get what I mean. I was, literally, shaking while watching the whole lecture theatre bustling with excitement and the air filled with flying white papers.

Sumpah, lecturer ini sangat charming. 


jemz said...

okay, i can imagine that. sumpah best. well, in here LAUGHING is forbidden in class. you must maintain your discipline. blueekkkk

Anonymous said...

rasa macam dah jatuh cinta dgn dia..