Saturday, October 22, 2011

A month in the UK.

I have a thing towards matching stuff. HUGE thing.

Why I bought Phye despite the slightly above the top price? No it's not the Wifi function, nor the printing speed whatsoever. It's simply because Phye is too sleek and sexy to be resisted (no, seriously I mean this) and it's a Canon. And everyone knows my EOS 550D is a Canon too. (I'm thinking of changing his name to Ken rather than Eric, but we'll see) And it's black! So there goes, two black Canons on my black wooden shelf.

Then looking back when I was still in Malaysia, I got myself a hard drive, Seagate, in silver. Why silver? Because of my Mac. It's silver and they look as if they come automagically in package. Smart, huh?
Even the casing has to be in silver too.

The other day, I bought a Nike sports tote just because it's black and pink, and it matches my Nike backpack perfectly. I'm not sure if I'm gonna need the tote bag so desperately, but heck, it matches well. So.. There goes my pounds T______________T
And these two make a perfect match, though I'm not sure if I'll need them both at the same time -.-
Later I bought myself a new bedsheet (which is really really unnecessary) in black. Yes, pure solid black. Why? Because my bookshelf is black, so is the chair I bought from Argos. So the bed HAS to be in black. The fact that it's brown annoys me. So I decided to get over it, and just buy another one.

Thing is, my fleece throw is actually in brown leopard print.

Now I'm annoyed. Again.


But last night was Friday night, and I was having ultimate fun with Nad. No, not 'that' kind of fun. Just you know, strolling around the town at night, having coffee, going in and out of shops without buying anything.. Things that we, girls do.

So I got myself a pair of new gloves, which the colour doesn't seem like me, but it's warm and it has got the 'hood'. So in love!
Jari gemuk gemuk.

Then we went to Apple Store at Highcross to get my iPod cleaned. Too bad they said the scratches and marks couldn't be removed, they leave some sort of permanent stain on the iPod. My heart sank like gila, especially when the iPod has been in its casing for a long time, and it's the case that actually leaves the mark. Sumpah sedih gila woh.
It's more obvious and heartbreaking in real life, trust me.

There are not much of scratches, but the marks are like, some kulapuk berkulat whatever on the steel. Funny right? No one could explain why. But then this little fella also got a new home, for free! See the transparent hard plastic case? It's a bit chipped off at the side, and it was the last one at the stall. So the stall keeper just decided to give it to me for free. Like seriously, FREE OF CHARGE. No other purchase, NOTHING. He's a Muslim, originally from Pakistan, and has been wanting to go to Malaysia for ages! I could see he's having a hard time in Leicester, but well, I pray that Allah eases his way to whatever he wishes in life.

So here goes, the iPod in new (hopefully stain-free) case.
Not so flattering with the scratches and all, but at least it won't stain even more.

And early this morning I received my Railcard via mail. Applied online couple of days ago and tadaa, it'se here!
Muka macam hewhewhew.

On another note, I find it hard to actually sit and study and churn all the facts in my medical books. Seriously, dah la memang tak minat :( But again, may Allah grant me strength to keep going. 

I know the road is long, make me strong!