Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nottingham hangover.

Everyone loves pictures. So I present you... A hangover at Nottingham!

Nottingham Train Station

Bus Station

Yes, sampai sampai spot ni dulu. Home :')

The hangover; Haifaa, Bedah (tuan rumah ya'aww), Syarah, AJ, Lyn

Back in Leicester we have The Clock Tower, here, whatever building landmark it is.

Under my umbrella, eh eh. -_-

Whittard, the famous coffee/tea shop in Nottingham.

The medical student tea.

Later at Red Hot, halal all-you-can-eat buffet for £7.50. Okay orang Ireland sila jealous.

Reminds me of Haagen Dasz's fondue :')

Self-made. Tak berapa nak Haagen Dasz sangat lah.

Red Hot Nottingham - must eat place!

Some vintage shop. WANTTTT.

And each bag costs around £60. Fine lah.

Main target, Goose Fair! Tram stop - The Forest.
While still sober.

Aerial view, taken while riding the swing and Lyn was screaming like mad next to me :D

And the highlight was..

The bungee ride!

Okay excited.

Now dah cuak.

And there goes!

To infinity and beyond! (walhal kena lambung kat situ jugak je pun)

The boyfriend who got his girlfriend a super huge teddy bear by a fair win. Dreamy much, no?

 Nottingham's Goose Fair, October 8th, 2011. Okay kenapa perlu highlight date?

Why do I say hangover? Because after the last ride everyone went like, TAKNAK DAHHHH. And sumpah mabuk gila. I have always loved height and speed. The thrill excites me like mad! But slow, dizzying rides really annoy me. TAK SUKA. Macam swing yang kat Genting Highlands tu. Serius tak cool okay. It turned out the last ride which supposedly would be 'safe' (dalam erti kata Lyn AJ Bedah and Syarah), was a disaster! Pening gila nak mati and I was like, okay, get me out of this. So finally we left Goose Fair and headed for some coffee at Costa before heading home, Leicester.

See you at Nott's game people!

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