Sunday, November 28, 2010

Love and lost are two different sides of a coin; accepting one means accepting the other.

We have had the time of our lives
And I will not forget the faces left behind
It's hard to walk away from the best of days

But if it has to end, I'm glad you have been my friend
In the time of our lives

Tyrone Wells – Time of Our Lives
Vampire Diaries Season 2, Episode 4

I reckon there are two obvious types of people in this world when it comes to living; the ones who move on easily and the ones who dwell in the past.

Moving On
You be friends with whoever you meet along the way. Free, unattached, you have a simple life. People come and go – so do you. What happened, happened. Maybe you still care about those in your past, but not to the extent you go after them stick with them and stay with them. As the circle of people around you changes, you change as well.

Living in The Memories
 As the words say, you hang on to the memories. You have two three best people in your life, you treasure them, cherish them, no matter where you are, no matter where they have been. People can still see you as moving on, living life, but deep down, you will still be looking for the ones who have been by your side all this time. Your circle of friends may change, but the ones in your heart stay.

Though it’s not exactly me, I guess being the first is easier. People change, feelings fade, time flies, nothing lasts forever.

So which one are you?

DISCLAIMER: The Female Chauvinist Series Part I and Part II have nothing to do with the author’s personal relationship life. There might be some similarities here and there, especially the classmate-love thingy (obviously) but the stories aren't hers. It’s written for non-academic purposes and mostly as the spokesperson for the gut that won’t comprehend her brain. Your kind thought in not speculating her relationship status and spreading rumors is highly appreciated.

Or, perhaps if you find yourself as one of those who fall into the I-need-stories-to-know-and-tell-or-else-I-would-die category, why not ask her yourself instead of asking her closest friends – they wouldn’t tell you either. (Well, after all, they are HER sweethearts)

Example of one sweetheart of hers whom you SHOULD NOT refer to:
The one in blue - the orange one is for illustration purpose only
Please note that this is not an iklan tudung nor a muka-siapa-paling-perasan contest.

She just celebrated her birthday couple of days ago. I missed it because, well, Mr. Skype is just jealous of both of us. Okay okay my bad. 

Aku dah Skype kau kau hilang tah mana3 pastu kau Skype aku aku plak hilang, okay? Blame the time zone. Eh ingat tak time kita kira benua dalam dunia semua ada berapa? Rindu ah. Tsssk3.

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