Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best viewed with female chauvinist mind Part II: S*** ***I Must Die

Staying in a relationship is never an obligation, nor does it happen by chance. It is always by choice.

The exception to the rule is marriage. (well at least that’s what I feel)

Forget marriage. We are all too young for that. coughbellacough. We have a more important issue happening right here and right now and right inside me. (sounds perv lol)

So my gut has just found another victory. Second victory. Mr YIKES has just proven how jerk-ky asshole-ly useless-ly he can be.

When the world was totally against him with the new girl, he justified his action to my girlfriend (or should I say his ex-besftriend? Ignore it tak penting pun orang sama jugak eventually)

“So tell me is it wrong for me to love someone else? Should I stay in a relationship when my heart is not even in it? I would be lying to myself then. But you people are judging me like it’s the worst thing to follow my own heart.”

This is when the funny part came in. No my dear, it’s not wrong. That’s why I said – staying in a relationship is never an obligation. And it is never wrong to follow what your heart says. (That explains why I’m writing here pouring what MY GUT says) Yes, you are so damn bloody freaking right – why stay in a relationship if it will only hurt yourself?

But the not-so-right thing is, you told the world you walked away from the relationship simply because you couldn’t bear to hurt her. That hurting her is the last thing you would do on Earth. You made them (especially her) believe that she still stands a chance, that once this whole classmate thingy is over, you will be hers again, this time in a more professional real relationship. Yela, couple dengan classmate, apa barang dod. Tak professional lah. Tak seronok. Macam kanak3 Ribena pun ada. I kan famous, kesian You kalau jadi gf I at the same time classmates. Nanti You pressure, dengan lecturers, classmates sendiri, even student3 lain kat Uni. Maklumlah, I kan famous. (gaya bahasa repitisi digunakan sebagai penegasan di sini harap maklum)

And the obviously-not-right-at-all-aka-BLOODY-WRONG thing you did was hanging out with the junior right before her eyes. There were many many many other empty seats, and you two chose the ones right in front of her? It wasn’t like the Cafeteria was full or what; you simply did that to show that you moved on. Apakah ikan itu? (Wtfish?)  And that cute pretty little junior of yours kept making faces like, OMG he is SO mine! Ahah, yours, hell yours. Have him your way, Your Majesty. (Okay I have no problem at all with you Miss Trophy Wife so it stops there)

But then, YIKES! How immature can you be? She’s your classmate, your freaking classmate! You would see her everyday. Well, I know you two don’t talk to each other that much in class, but have a heart, young man. (tapi serius macam noob gila bf-gf classmate terus taknak cakap langsung, hey this is where you have the advantage that other couples don’t – si dia depan mata oh) COUGHbellaCOUGH.

Okay so I think I’m not the person with the most right to talk about this. Bias weh. Tak jadi. So kena tone down slow down jadi demure sikit. Awak tu perempuan, dah la takpandaimasak. (Apakah?)

Dear Mr. YIKES,
You see, I don’t have a single problem with you. I don’t give a freaking damn on who you want to be with. Because I personally think there is NO such thing as “I think you should be with her/him” simply because it seems right to my eyes. No matter how you two look bloody sweet together, or just because your families know each other. No, I believe we should stay in love by choice.

See? We have the same belief. Wah! (muka kagum)

But not MY GUT. S/he (whatever the gender is) truly has a problem with you.

If you ask me yours truly, I would say, I have a bloody freaking HUGE ENORMOUS problem with you simply because you mess with my girlfriend’s life by spilling her stories to others and you seem to be liked by few of my closest dearest people in my life – and they seem not to know what you have been doing simply because you are a bloody good actor trying to cover your own mess in front of them.

Yes, I don’t even care about you and your ex-classmate-girlfriend, your current trophy-wife-girlfriend, or your future whoever-lucky-out-there-girlfriend. The whole relationship thingy was just an excuse for me to pandang slack more towards you. (Okay, I lied. I DO have a problem with your way of looking at the whole classmate bf-gf thingy)

Hey betul okay. Ini classmate saya dulu. Yes, DULU. Sekarang dah jauh beribu batu, nak jadi classmate apa nya. 

Not only a classmate, a best friend, a listener, a Math Chemistry semuasubjekpun tutor, a tempat cari pasal pun ada jugak. Dia segala lah. Thanks to whoever tangan yang tengah tadah doa in the picture praying for our happiness. Ameen.

Eh ye ke praying for our happiness?


Now maybe I should get some Strepsils.

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