Saturday, March 14, 2009

where art thou?

i miss brunei. still.

i miss the food. the delegates. the hot debates. the pickup lines-[forum 1 delegates should understand this:]

yet, now i'm home.

yeah, home. which home? let's just call it as a home. for it has always been one [i'm crapping, obviously]

and for me, home doesn't mean family. not anymore. neither mom's cooking. not even close.


1. house chores- including sweeping the floor and cleaning the toilets [yes, it's toilet with an S]

2. trying hard to find something to eat, or die starving

3. locking myself in the room with mr. lappy

4. letting the idiot box stare at me- literally

5. swimming in the bed til drowned, for there's no point of getting up

6. taking care of the laundry- i miss makcik dobi!!

7. do nothing.

i guess i'm still in the air. day dreaming. wishing that my family would be there when i'm home.

i feel so unloved.

love is a four letter word printed on a goggles shirt


Your Average Mat said...

relax sis.. Everyone is busy doing their own thing now. Only opportunity to meet them is through online chatting or SMS. heh.

eila said...

well.thats so thoughtful of u.thx:)