Tuesday, March 24, 2009

she betrayed me. yes, it's a SHE.

dear you.

we both know that i cannot say this right to your face. i don't have the strength. it's because i love you too much. i don't want you to be hurt. i don't want you to feel bad. i don't want you to feel awkward.

we both know that something is there, but it is unspoken. you owe me a explanation, obviously. but i don't need it. i was hurt enough by your act, and i don't think i can take any more from your words.

we both know what exactly was going on, and yet, you still did it. you did the most unacceptable thing that i could never think of. you made it like it was nothing. i'm not putting all the blame on you. but in a way, i think you should know me better.

we both know that i care about you. and i love you. and we share things that we will never share with others. and the fact that you really mean a lot to me.

but just in case you don't know, i am deeply hurt by what you did. you were the last person on my mind that could ever do such thing. but you proved to me that i was wrong. i may forgive you. but i will never forget what happened. and sorry dearie. i don't trust you. not anymore. you don't deserve it anyway.

thanks for finally showing your true colours.

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