Sunday, March 15, 2009

we take turn to fly, because someone has to sit and watch and wave goodbye.

i've been stalking around some blogs, and finally came up with a conclusion.

SPM 2008 is quite a something.

nope, i'm done with school. completely. [IB world school is an exception to the rule]. and i couldn't care less about the spm results. go ask around? sorry, just not me. i still remember, i once referred those white pieces of paper as reSLUTS.

oukayh. i was young. and mean.
[i'm not getting any older, so i'm still mean]

but what is actually going on nowadays? students are after s0-many-A's-i-can't-remember-the-subjects. what are those A's for? what exactly these superduperextremelygeniuswithhugesupermassivebrains want to prove?

not long after the results were out, i received a text message. it's from a junior.

"k.bella,bleh bg tips cmne nak g interview x?"
"mak aihh. smgt gile. result baru kua. lepak r lu. lau kne pggil bru tny kot."
[sorry, i couldn't bother to ask about the results]
"xde la. ingt nak amek IB gk. sbb tu tny k'bella:)"
[nothing to display]

sorry honey, i'll text you later k. [disgusted already]



dear superduperextremelygeniuswithhugesupermassivebrains out there, do you guys have any idea on what IB is? or what exactly IB is offering? and even worse, do you guys ever consider about the economy crisis that has been an issue all this time? well, if you don't, then let US [the IB-ans, specifically at MCB] tell you. we are more than worried about the flying stuff. hell worried. worried sick. we still have another 2 semesters [that is equivalent to one extremely vigorous year] before we finally FLY. [i emphasize on the word FLY because that's just THE WORD]. and yet, we are already worried if the gov run out of money and stop our scholarship and send us to local universities.

and you guys are thinking of going abroad???

take a break.

let us FLY first. safely. soundly.
[minus any brain injuries that most probably will occur during our 2 years stay].

but still.

kudos for all the extremelyexcellentreSLUTSachievers.
[i'm still young. am i?]

*emotionally-driven entry.mid IB maths test syndrome.whatever it is*


ahuyy~ said...

those kids are not aware yet what await them.
lets just look and relax.
2 sem to go..

eila said... sem.senior suda.BULI3!