Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Right. Now that exam's over, let's talk about something exciting. Something new. Something different. 

Guess where's this?

Looks like a massive parking lot, doesn't it? Something vaguely appears to be like an airport..

Another clue. This. 

If you're gonna say I'm staying in a nice hotel room waiting for an early morning flight tomorrow, you're too kind. 

I'm actually on outblock. Again. 

This time it's Peterborough, down south west heading towards Stansted Airport. And no, the airport-ish parking lot you see isn't Stansted, it's actually the hospital ground. Impressive much?

And if you're wondering do we not get any break after the exam, you're being rude. No we don't. We finished written paper on Friday, and I had to take the train to Peterborough on the very next Sunday. Inhale. Exhale. Packing what?

Good thing is, we have to come back every weekend for Friday teaching in Leicester, so that's 4 days a week in Petes, hurray! Train is only an hour, direct,  and it's on the main line, so no kampung coaches making screeching sounds all the way. Yay! And the hospital and accommodation, you saw it, it's the nicest I've had so far.

"So which of the favours of your Lord shall ye deny?"

Weather's been good too. A little cold, but it's generally sunny, and I've got a nice view of the 'airport' building with plenty of sunlight throughout the day. Seasonal affective disorder, be gone.

Just one thing that never changes when I'm on outblock, um, it's the loneliness. It gets lonely, reeeeally lonely especially in the evening. For that reason I am forever finding myself counting down to go back to Leicester. Same old same old. It's quite funny cause I am pretty much a recluse at home, that we as housemates don't tend to sit together at the living room. But I guess it's the comfort of knowing there's other familiar faces living under the same roof. That we're just a shout away. Literally. 

Oh well, what to do. Give and take. At least I'm not sad. Yes, that's you, Boston. Huh. 

Also, it's already March, carrying a sliver hope of spring, slowly but surely leaving  the grey clouds of winter.

It's gonna be a good month, inshaAllah :)

Anyway, lusa balik Leicester, weehoo!

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