Monday, February 23, 2015


I have a strong suspicion that my eczema is flaring up. And this one big fat pimple on my cheek. Everything is so exam-induced. 

That aside, there's this one fond memory of my childhood.

I used to have quite severe eczema when I was younger. Ayah sometimes teased me as having 'kulit buaya'. Good parenting, anyone?

Hot weather makes it worse. Heat = sweat. And I was once told that my sweat was so acidic that it corroded the temples of my glasses. Not attractive.

And it has a tendency to flare up when we went back to our kampung in Kelantan. Kampung = spare room = dust + heat. Back then there was no air conditioner at all at our kampung. I was itching scratching my skin so bad that I mengamuk nak balik rumah Terengganu. Haha. 

In the end Ummi came up with a solution - for me to stay in the car with the engine running. With air-cond on full blast.

Imagine everyone in the house having meals together and there was me in the car at the comfort of 17 deg air-cond. Too spoiled to my liking.

I wonder what if the same thing happens to my future kid..

"Takboleh, petrol mahal. Tiup sendiri your skin."


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