Monday, March 23, 2015

Projek U Part II: Cork, Galway and Belfast.

Just realised I have completely forgotten about Projek U.

*dramatic gasps*

To be fair, there's not a lot of things to write anyway. We made our journey from Dublin to Cork and Galway before heading back to Belfast. In other words - Ireland road trip. And I must admit sceneries aren't really my thing. So most pictures are actually of people, and being the third wheel in this trip, they're of my parents. 

Like this. 


We arrived Cork in the evening, went to pick Zay (my classmate at KMB) up at her university and headed straight to dinner.

The next day we went around Cork city center and Ayah did all the snapping hence no pictures in my camera. Kemain travel jauh jauh, pemalas humphh. *tarik telinga sendiri*

Aaand we made our way to Galway.

There's a reason why it's probably better to just let me sleep in long journeys.

Aaaand here I present you..

.. More sceneries! This is actually around Cliff of Moher.

Super love this picture cause it looks like my band members has left me behind :(

That night we went to see DJ (another classmate at KMB) for dinner. In all honesty I think I might have used this trip to my advantage i.e. to see my classmates. Hihik.

And we ran out of Euros to spend so it's probably best to get back to Belfast where pounds came into use. And where Adam was, yeay! (read: overly attached)

Before leaving we stopped by at Salthill just to take some pictures of the Atlantic Ocean. Ayah got a tad too excited about it he asked me to taste the saltwater, saying that it was The Atlantic! Okay. I didn't quite get the fuss, still, oh, okay.

Aaaand up we drove back into Belfast! Stopped by Banbridge outlet and straight to Adam's before heading for dinner at Cafe Fish. Not a single picture cause I was already very grumpy from the long trip and the fact that I had to fly back into Leicester the very next day. Sads.

Aaaand that's the end of Part II. 
(I feel cheated myself, haha)

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