Friday, January 30, 2015

Laporan bulanan 2015.

I wanted to post this as a recap of how my 2015 went so far.

Got my first UTI. And that spells urinary tract infection. Jangkitan salur kencing ew gross what hahaha. All these while I thought UTI is just like, mehhh, you get a bit of pain down below, pee a lot, that's it. Especially after I did GP block when people came in ever so casually saying "Oh, I've got water infection." They all seemed fine? And one of the patients even made a joke with the doctor (male doctor, okay) that there's no women in their right mind who never had UTI all their life. I was sitting there thinking like, hmm that would be me? Nearly 25 years of life and not a single UTI. 

And then I got one. 

And for the love of heaven it was annoying. There's this niggling weird discomfort you couldn't quite place where, and you just don't feel right but you can't point it down to anything specific. I didn't even suspect it was UTI due to the lack of pain/stinging/burning sensation while peeing (not that I wanted one). And pee didn't smell funny like how the textbook says, so cannot be what? It went on quite a while as I tried to convince myself it wasn't anything to worry but noooo it didn't go away. In the end being the pharmacy our house is, I took Augmentin (co-amoxiclav) on a 7-day course. A little too extreme since all I needed was really, just a 3-day course of Trimethoprim. But since our own little pharmacy only had Augmentin, I wasn't gonna say no. To go to GP is a whole lot of effort, and somehow co-amoxiclav is indicated for UTI albeit rather uncommonly, so why not? To my gratefulness it went away after a few days. So there goes, the first UTI in my life. Ever.

Also, got my first heartburn yay what hahaha it hurt like seriously no kidding. Again, the skeptic in me was like, mehh, heartburn je pun, a little bit like fullness after eating, and that's it. You go for a poop, all is well. Apparently that's not how it is. It took a whole different turn in my case. 

Earlier that day Adam and I (Adam made a surprise visit to Leicester, did I tell you that? My mushy post on reminiscing love worked its charm yay sorry I digress). 

Okay, so earlier that day we went on a big lunch and indulged on a massive dessert spree. We had lunch at Las Iguanas, which on normal days I can only finish half of the food and pack the rest, but that day I finished every. Single. Thing. On my plate. And that every. Single. Thing. Was actually a half chicken with curly fries and a plate of nachos as starter. Imagine Adam and I eating the same portion of food. And imagine our size. Tummy. Size. Then the dessert. The place is called Heavenly Desserts - literally heavenly! Went home after that and felt ill. Reeeally ill. And that night the horror began. 

I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible horrible horrible and if I haven't made it clear enough hooooorrrible pain in my chest. Okay one thing about me is when I'm in grrreaat pain I can be very violent. I would just grab/throw/smash anything near me, and Adam was unfortunate enough to be very near me that night. I think I hit him a few times out of desperation? Haha. Ugh. Sorry! And funny enough, all those while I was trying to work out a diagnosis in my head (while in pain I know!). This darned medical brain of mine. Worse on breathing, nope, so couldn't be pericarditis. Tenderness on physical compression, nope, not costochondritis. Pneumonia? Pneumothorax? That's a bit too extreme? Very convinced it wasn't a heart attack either. Everything was heart-lung related because I'm on cardiorespiratory block at the moment haha. Lastly I had to succumb that it was indeed a reflux. I was so in pain that I mengamuk macam hantu and in the end Adam went on to rub/massage my chest sambil baca doa dalam mamai. Hihi. Well I guess to some extent I did look like kena rasuk? Sakit woh. But Alhamdulillah I went back to sleep and all was well after that. Well not really, I am a bit down with some cold but nothing major.

But the next morning we had a chat about how it would be like to have a baby who wakes up every night and throws tantrum like I did. I'm like, baby, what baby, reflux is a pregnant lady's best friend, dontchaknowwww? We can't simply skip that major step of being pregnant, can we??


I know someone with frequent reflux that Gaviscon is her next best friend, but I sometimes underestimated the pain when she was having it. Now.. I'm sorry for being so naive. The pain can be unbearable. To be fair, I'm known to write in exaggeration when it comes to picturing something (either I'm a very good storyteller or my pain treshold is in minus degree, you decide) so, you know, it's maybe safe to take everything I write with a pinch of salt.

By now you could also probably make it out that Adam is truly really honestly kind with me when I'm unwell, while I, on the other hand, get annoyed easily when he falls ill. Not good. Must do better next time.

Sekian. Laporan 2015 buat masa sekarang.

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