Thursday, January 22, 2015

You are in love.

Last night Adam and I had a weird conversation at 3 in the morning, something we haven't done in a long time. He was just going to bed while I was just starting my day. We talked about how we first met. Reminiscing the old college times.

We first met in the great hall back in KMB, when they put us into groups according to our classrooms. Everyone went around introducing themselves, and when it got to him, he gave salam and said his name, in a perfect Malay, and my first remark was, "Lahh, Melayu rupanya," which sent everyone into a chuckle. He just replied, "Ye saya Melayu" HAHAHA AWKWARDS.

Another fond memory of us being classmates is this one incident when we had to sit in our mentor mentee group. The task was to tell each and everyone of us one good thing about them. And I rather shamelessly confidently said to him, "I think you have nice hair." Again, AWKWARDS. Well I barely knew this guy, we weren't really close or anything. I mean, I just thought his hair was nice, nothing personal. Then for some odd reason we took this photo after exchanging nice words to each other.

See the praying hands on the right? It's a pretty cool coincidence since we did take the friendship to the next level nearly a year later. Haha.

We sat next to each other in class..

M08A and our Blue Mondays.

Were in the same mentor mentee group of the late Mr Guna..

Went to the same CAS venue for PDK Kajang..

Had classmates outing a few times..

Even went to Ledang together for Heaven knows why!

He was actually trying to get me to stop laughing for the video, but I just couldn't do it. I've always been the animated goldfish, while he's the calm contained one.

All pictures were taken when we were just friends, all those while not quite noticing each other's presence. But of course, I chose the ones with us together in them. In reality we weren't really all that close haha. 

We were friends long before I realised it's grown into some odd feelings.

And last night he said,
"I think I'm falling in love with you. Well I've always been in love with you, but now I think I'm falling for you, with butterflies in my heart." 


"You keep his shirt
He keeps his word
Pauses, then says
You're my best friend
And you knew what it was
He is in love."

You Are In Love, Taylor Swift

Being married for nearly three years and living far apart does this to me.
Also, blame the song.


Neat Freak said...

assalam kak bella,

so sweet..i'm smiling all the way through when i read your post. i pray for you to have a blessed marriage always.

love. secret admirer

Anonymous said...

so one quick question.

whos doing the first move? Ihikss

Bella said...

Awh I have a secret admirer thank you for your kind words! Hope you find your happiness too inshaAllah :)

Itu rahsia ihikks

Malissa Ali said...

Kak Bella, I am your junior. KMB 2013/2015 just to say hi and I adore you so-so-so much.

Bella said...

Haluuu Malissa dawhh you're too kind I'm blushing! Eheh. All the best IB this coming June (kiasu sangat dah wish sekarang). Had a quick peep at your blog, well, hope to see you here in UK then! ;)