Saturday, January 10, 2015

Projek U Part I: Dublin.

I'll be honest. I have no idea why Projek U. It started when Ayah first sent me the flight itinerary with a title Projek U at the top. When asked, he simply said it's because they were going to UK. Projek U-K. Geddit geddit? Ayah can be so weird like that.

Since like a gazillion things happened, I'll break it down to pieces places that we went. And cause I have like, a gazillion things to say and I'm too lazy about it, nevermind the fact that I can't remember half of the things we did, I'll just go through the pictures, hoping they'll trigger some memories out of my brain.

Some pictures are more blurred than others. All pictures were taken on auto mode on my EOS550D. Talk about point-and-shoot on DSLR, heh.

Dublin Airport. Adam drove down from Belfast, while my flight from Birmingham was delayed terribly. In the end it was them who waited for me at the arrival gate. So much of wanting to pick them up!

Spent the first day just cruising (by that I mean walking) around Dublin city.

Both Ayah and Ummi have gap teeth at the front, and three of our siblings also have them. That leaves Afiq and I without gap teeth. Hee hee.

Somewhere near The Spire.

And by now you would've realised that my clinginess to Adam is a direct result of watching these two lovebirds as I grow up. They call themselves best friends. And it's always very amazing to see how two very different people who argue about the smallest things like who left the socks on the couch, are very much in love. Though it can be annoying too. Haha.

Kan, annoying kan?

Temple Bar.

That night we met Aisyah at a Moroccan Restaurant for her birthday dinner. I think it's pretty cool that both my parents' kids-in-law are in Ireland (albeit one is a bit Northern). Hence the reason they flew into Dublin from Malaysia. Gua dah penat merajuk. Sia sia je duduk one hour from London, last last dorang fly pegi Dublin jugak. *middle child syndrome*

And later that night walking around the city.

Ummi kita.

Ayah kita pulak.

Christmas market! Okay I was honestly disappointed. Probably I was expecting more from Dublin as a big city. Their Christmas market is just a stretch of street. Sads.

But this pig is on fireeeehhhhhhh!
Sorry, can't help it. Too excited seeing this.

RCSI, and I think they have a picture in front of Queens University Belfast too, but not University of Leicester. See what I mean??!? 

The next day. Stopped by at Dublin Mosque. Adam took the bus back to Belfast (someone had to study woohoo) while we made our way to Cork in his car. Menantu mithali uols. Haha!

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