Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wreck this journal.

I should probably sort out our winter trip pictures since Ummi (my Ummi, that is) has been asking about them. Tak sabar nak tengok menantu kesayangan lettew.

But because I'm so lazy like that despite having three-day weekends, here's a not-so-related post.

Bought this while waiting for the train from Amsterdam to Cologne. Oh so random. And while I was ooh-aah-ing drooling over this book contemplating if I should spend €13 and add another load to my rucksack carrying it to another 4 countries when I could just buy it when I'm back in UK, guess what Adam said about it,

"The disgusting book."

How boring this guy meh.

There's a page that lists down all the materials needed, including saliva, garbage, tears and some other weird stuff like emotions, spontaneity and time.

And now you can guess why Adam calls it disgusting, I really spit out some coffee on that page. And I did it in Belfast. And Adam wasn't too happy about it. Of course things might be different if we weren't married yet. 

He might have said, oh my darling Bella, look how artistic your saliva can be. Or I could skip the spitting part and just drip the coffee from a spoon instead like some poise lady. Or I might as well not show him this book at all lol.

But my biggest achievement so far is this.
Spent some good half an hour colouring the whole page.

Well, anything that is not Medic.


Budak Barat said...

That book is so... Weird! Maybe I'll buy one for my partn--- I mean, friend.

Ebay, here I come!

Bella said...

If you don't mind to see your partn--- I mean friend, to look a little too disgusting, buy buy buy!