Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy twenty thirteen!

"Either way we need to be happy." - Is This Thing On, P!nk

Alright I think you deserve some real blogpost here, after a huge miserable failure of not finishing December Photo A Day Challenge. Blame it on the long tiring jam-packed and not to mention suuuuper awesome honeymoon (was it even one?) that I totally couldn't find twenty minutes a day to upload a picture and wrap the challenge up. Yeah, like totally!

Amsterdam (Netherlands) - Cologne (Germany) - Brussels (Belgium) - Luxembourg City (Luxembourg) - Paris (France)

5 countries on foot in 8 days! Will definitely blog about it sometime later since I'm in Belfast at the moment, sneakily using Adam's computer when he's not watching SNSD's new album release. Yeah you heard me right. SNSD, apparently. Pffthjhjhkkjuk.

And exams coming up in three weeks time! Even with that I'm still eager for a trip to US this spring. Gigih.

Anywhoo, no big New Year resolutions this time, since I had mine done on the Hijrah New Year last November. Two things - dhuha and mathurat. Aaaand really, the real challenge is to be istiqamah!

Though I might have added up something in the timeline - to be (very) happy :D

So here's to a happy and promising 2013, 
happy new year everyone!


farah shazana said...

why u go to us?me so jealous.

Bella said...

Then you go too! :D