Friday, January 11, 2013

Belfast Christmas Market.

Apparently Belfast has one of the biggest Christmas markets in the UK. And living in Taman Melati KL with Uptown Danau Kota to lepak wasting time at, you can guess I'm a big sucker for flea market pasar malam and the likes. So there I went to cure my Uptown cravings.

Belfast Christmas Market 2012

Belfast City Hall

I thought these are cute. All the green Christmasy things.

Little cacti disguising as Santas. Too cute!

Spotted on! I'd probably make my kids wear this if they refuse to eat their greens.

I think it's called a Continental Market rather than just a Christmas Market, though it really doesn't matter actually. But Continental Market does more justice as this place is sure packed with stalls selling stuff from other European countries.

Germany Apple Strudel

Germany sausages, I think?

Dutch pancakes


Italian Coffee House

French Soap

Spain paella

And finally, Northern Ireland's Chocolatier!

Well there are loads of other stalls but we were in a hurry so no pictures. Overall I'd say it's a must go for people who love festive seasons and lights and food and all the Christmasy feels, especially if you're a first-timer. Of course to be in Miss Selfridge or Debenhams during for the 'real' festive season aka SALE would be more fun, but it's nice to be a part of the celebration every once in a while. Or perhaps you could just do people watching if you're socially awkward like me. Lol.

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