Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things that (telco) promoters won't tell you.

  1. When you stand while bending your body forward at a counter or sit on a bareback chair while wearing a low cut pants and an inch of your upper ass shows.
  2. When you come with your partner/lover and you cling so tight to them while they are doing all the talking as if we're gonna snatch them away -.-"
  3. When you say that our plan is expensive and the rivals have better offer yada yada to our face and expect us to agree. Depa bukan bayaq gaji aku, hang ingat aku nak cakap “Ye bang, abang buat pilihan terbaik subscribe dengan [insert rival name here] ” tak dapat la jepp.
  4. When you come and ask about the latest most expensive phone available then you settle down with the lowest plan, itu pun still bising3 “Plan you all ni mahal la bla bla”.
  5. When you come to the centre and straightaway have a seat at the waiting area and no one attends to you and you make a big fuss of it – I dah tunggu lama, takde orang attend pun. Yelah bro, yang datang3 masuk centre terus duduk tu kenapa. At least pergi la kaunter dulu cakap nak apa.
  6. When you puji us cantik, cute, tanya background segala, trying to make the conversation longer but in the end, “Erm, takpelah, I fikir dulu, boleh mintak phone no, nanti kalau I dah decide, I call, senang.” You decide, you datang centre okay. Dah la takde sale, pickup line pun basi. FAIL.
  7. When you just waited for 10 minutes and already go kecoh3 like “I dah tunggu lama, satu number pun tak gerak lagi!”
  8. When you let your kids run around the centre langgar customer lain kerusi terbalik segala. GRRRR. Tak comel okay.
  9. When you gedik3 asking us to install/download applications on your iPhone at the iPhone Activation counter, and the queue behind is like pfft. It’s ACTIVATION, for god sake.
  10. When you expect us to freaking answer all your freaking questions especially regarding your freaking high monthly bill when we are only freaking PROMOTERS, and our job, in fact, is just to freaking sell handphones and freaking broadbands!

Ps. You can make our day simply by asking our names (bukan untuk hantar complaint letter okay) and how are we doing (eg. penat ek?). Ha, kan senang. Bukan mintak tip pun.

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~nurul hajar~ said...

i couldnt reach you for ages!!
i ask adam about u but he's just .. . . . . . .. .
so no answer from him..
hope i can talk to u..
it has been a long time..
ok.. TC bella..