Friday, March 25, 2011

If the world is a book, then we would all be ftwdfjbjzuygbjkq.

they're // their // there
lose // loose
loss // lost
then // than
peace // piece
your // you're

These are not freaking typos!

I'll consider its / it's as a situation of laziness, not stupidity.


Leng Chai said...

grammar nazi

Bella. said...

iritasi kepada penglihatan kot.

nothing substantial said...

most of them aint typos but ...

lose / loose could be a typo.

given that the letter 'o' could have been typed twice unintentionally when typing is done at light speed.

thus, if the anomalous alphabet is situated closely to the correct one on the keyboard, the error could be typo.

i-firman said...

your AND you're.

i love how people use "your" instead of "you're". reminds me of my american friend, who used "prolly" instead of "probably," and said that I'M THE ONE WHO IS WRONG...

Bella. said...

firman, so true. YOUR and YOU'RE seem like the most abused words online! GRR. btw found a link, doesn't really justify the prolly thing, but nahh the url kinda explain the whole thing lol.

and hi MR.nothing substantial :)
you know LOSE/LOOSE aren't typos because you just know the writer can't type at high speed, let alone a the speed of light. and this is supported by other evidences from their other writings as well.