Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Borneo Trip Part 2: So Long Kundasang.

Last day at Kota Kinabalu, a very heavy feeling inside.

So yesterday we had a morning walk around our resort, enjoying the awesome view of the mountain and sky (of course). Down the road there’s Kundasang town, a small cowboy town with everything packed all in one place. You name it – clinic, restaurants, guesthouse, tailors, workshops. A small dusty town. There's also a pasar sayur and buah like those we have in Cameron Highlands.

Later after check out we went to Kinabalu Park, a starting point for those who want to climb Mount Kinabalu. Super chilly and the cold water could make me go numb in seconds!

And we headed straight back to Kota Kinabalu. On the way we stopped by at Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) where there’s an Aquaria-like aquarium, only smaller by like, 50 times, perhaps. (nak jugak compare dengan Aquaria weh) and finally checked into our small little place at Kompleks Tabung Haji. Masih kempunan Sutera Harbour nampaknya.

Later that night we went to Perdana Park, watched some musical fountain show and had our dinner at the famous Tanjung Aru Seafood place. A happy stomach I had :D

Mount Kinabalu Heritage Resort & Spa.
Kundasang Memorial Park.
Pasar sayur dan buah dan bunga.
Young shoppers.
Another young shopper.


Family portrait.
WKL --- rings a bell? :')
Perdana Park Musical Fountain Show.
The banker and the cashier. (if you get what I mean)
Tanjung Aru Seafood Place.

Of all the places I have been (especially in Myanmar where we had a really luxurious life), Sabah is the only place that makes me go like, wouldn't it be nice to settle down here?

Quoting Jemz, a local sweetheart from KK --- Siapa yang duduk Kundasang tu, datang KK pun dah panas, kalau pergi Banting, sure hari3 maki sebab tak tahan panas.

I'll come back for Mount Kinabalu. I promise.


.Am-OH-Am. said...

okey, sgt ENVEEEE.
especially dapat g sabah & picca sgt awesome DSLRRRRRRRR ;)

farah said...

best gileee.
jeles!nnt kita pergi mount kinabalu sama2 boleh? hee :D

take care and have fun!

~bling-bling~ said...

pics semua cntek3!!!suke3...;)

petite girl said...

looks awesome bella!

Bella. said...

am / ara / ida / ann;