Saturday, January 2, 2010

you can go to hell, thank you.

jangan emo, sila jangan emo, nabilah.

recent stuff. (and some not-so-recent ones)

deactivated. i've always wanted to do this, but so much afraid that i cannot keep up with the latest news (not so much of gossips okay) of my fellow dearest friends. the non-dearest friends, you can go to hell, thank you. but the decision made in less than 5 minutes ago was merely influenced by the fact that i saw you who-try-to-play-nice-but-you're-so-nasty trying to play nice again. yeah, you. i guess what my good friend said about you was right. i tried all my best to defend you, tried to think positive, see you from a whole hell different point of view, but all the efforts just went down the drain. you don't even deserve it. so you can go to hell, thank you.

on second thought, i think you're just being human. and that gives you a more concrete reason to go to hell, thank you.

[so i guess its REactivated for now, but still, you can go to hell]



  1. pavilion's surau is cool. i mean, it's so easy to find,not so many people, and there's even hot water running from the tap! okay, lie. i didn't try the hot water thingy, but at least the taps said so.
  2. sg wang's foodcourt is small, very small for it's title as a foodcourt, indeed. but the food is good, if not too bad.for about RM6.50, you get a full plate of fried rice. yeah, FULL. value for money.
  3. avatar should be the most original movie of the year. (the storyline's a bit predictable, though)
  4. UM should be awarded as the biggest, best, most strategic FREE accommodation in kl.
  5. celebrating new year with cousin(s) and sibling(s) is terrific. i've done it with friends, but having family members around means much more:)
  6. a 5MP full touch screen LG phone would be very helpful to capture the beautiful splendid moment.
  7. you, yeah, hell you, can go to hell.


  1. samsung star is hellish sleek and charming, but no 3G and wifi. pity.
  2. lowyat's ATMs are hardly functioning when they are most needed.
  3. handphones are kehendak, not keperluan.
  4. wearing contact lens for two consecutive days without taking them out is okay.there's another surau at the upper level of KL sentral, less congested.
  5. you, yeah, hell you, can go to hell.

Sila go to hell, thank you.

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