Monday, April 6, 2009

lame tag~~~

1.what have u been doing recently?
group 4 discussion psl fish spa smlm. Gelabah jepp.. u ever turn ur phone off?
not really. Unless majopp. Gee…

3.what happen at 10 a.m. today?
err it’s not even 9am..??

4.when did u last cry?
last nite. Memalukan.

5.believe in fate/destiny?
in a way, yupp3.

6.what was the last song u sang out loud??
can’t remember. u have any nicknames??
bella. yadda yadda yadaa..

8.what time did u go to bed last night?
3am. Handphone sangat mengganggu kehidupan pelajar IB.

9.are u currently happy?
standard. Feelingless.

10.who gives u da best advice?
umi && ayah. Though they always say things I don’t wanna hear :#

11.what/who was the last person to make u laugh?
KN’s bro, on our back to college. man, he's hillarious!!

12.who was the last person u missed a call from?
mr. 180ยบ

13.have u ever had ur heart broken??
who didn’t? u have a crash on anyone?
crash or crush?

15.what is the colour of ur room?
baby blue with a touch of pink.

16.who was the last person to hug u??
mommy. Before she left.. T_____T

17.did anyone see da last person u kissed..
yupp3. cakap KLIA..

18.what is da reason behind ur profile song(s)?
the name itself is BELLA’s lullaby..???

19.who was da last person u saw in ur dream?
can’t remember. Don’t even want to remember.

20.last time u smile?
just now? Mcm fake jep.

21.favourite website?
is there any..??

22.what are u doing tomorrow?
class. As usual. 8 to 2.20. sy kanak2 IB.

23.what do u thing u are like?
err. THING??

24.who are u missing right now??
umi && ayah && kakcik && afiq && adam !______!

25.what are you doing right now?
staring at baby lappie when everyone is busy discussing their g4 project.

26.why are u doing dis test?
ATIQ..!!! sile3 jawabb. which age u wish to get married?
18- da telepas arr..hua3

28.what havu u done regretted doing in ur whole life?
I never regret things. What done is done. do u feel right now?
beyond words. I miss my family… badly.

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