Wednesday, April 8, 2009

journey to the center of the hexagon.

CAS is proven to be time consuming, money consuming, and worst of all - good for nothing.

last saturday, me and my PDK-mates went to bukti cerakah with kids from pdk kajang.
what happened were..
1. i was deeply bothered by one of the psychotic kids who thinks that i'm his girlfriend.

2. the other group going to pdk kajang [group c] now knows about 'our not-so-secret affair'.

3. my skin was burnt under the scorching sun.

4. i had rashes due to excessive sweating in the stupid hideous CAS shirt.

5. i literally burnt my own pocket by spending RM17 for the sake of CAS.

6. i learnt nothing from the trip- the weather was too hot to be appreciated as one of the nature's element, and i never liked kids. external CAS fortnightly is enough lah!

something is surely wrong somewhere

the blue team

pdk proteges with their mentor (in purple)

outshining the pdk kids. yeah!


noble people doing noble job

and the journey to the center of the hexagon was continued on the next day (sunday)..


since we were doing on spa fish, here how it went..

kenko fish spa, midvalley

feeding the fish (gile sangat geli!!)- i was laughing hard at first, rolling on the floor (literally)

happy feet

clockwise, from bottom- me, aiman's, ridhu's, tqah's (horrified by the fish!)

the two mpp's indulging after a long day at school (hurmm...)

jason mraz..???

glad it's over....

and i ended up with another hole in my pocket since that spa thingy cost me rm38, plus rm100++ for radioactive bag and sweater, and rm 100++ for food. (midvalley is proven to be a NO-NO to do your research)

(thank god)












two holes in my pockets, and i'm still million miles away from the center of the HEXAGON.

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IB-Internationally BUZZZZZY!!!