Monday, February 23, 2015


I have a strong suspicion that my eczema is flaring up. And this one big fat pimple on my cheek. Everything is so exam-induced. 

That aside, there's this one fond memory of my childhood.

I used to have quite severe eczema when I was younger. Ayah sometimes teased me as having 'kulit buaya'. Good parenting, anyone?

Hot weather makes it worse. Heat = sweat. And I was once told that my sweat was so acidic that it corroded the temples of my glasses. Not attractive.

And it has a tendency to flare up when we went back to our kampung in Kelantan. Kampung = spare room = dust + heat. Back then there was no air conditioner at all at our kampung. I was itching scratching my skin so bad that I mengamuk nak balik rumah Terengganu. Haha. 

In the end Ummi came up with a solution - for me to stay in the car with the engine running. With air-cond on full blast.

Imagine everyone in the house having meals together and there was me in the car at the comfort of 17 deg air-cond. Too spoiled to my liking.

I wonder what if the same thing happens to my future kid..

"Takboleh, petrol mahal. Tiup sendiri your skin."


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Too many toes.

It's only mid February and I just found another pathology (read: something not quite right) on me. 

I've got flat foot on my left. 
Pes planus.

It all happened when we were practicing foot and ankle examination on each other. I was showing Nadd what to look for etc, when she said that she could see four toes from behind my left foot. 

Four. Friggin'. Toes.

No pictures cause kaki is aurat yo.

Orthopaedics 101: One of the things you see on someone with a flat foot is the "too many toes" sign. I know it sounds blatantly frank, but that's exactly what it is. Totally legit. Google it and have someone to look at yours. Hah. See how many toes they can see from behind.

Anyway, there it goes again, nearly 25 years of life and I just found out that I have a flat foot on the left.

That's three self-diagnosis in a month and a half guys, THREE.

2015 is going to be an interesting year..

Monday, February 9, 2015

Tumblr-worthy shot.

It annoys me the fact that my most recent blog post was on UTI and heartburn. So unglamorous, yo. So to counter the dismay of something slightly less than pretty nevertheless a huge reality of my mundane life in UK, here I present you.. 


Haven't really taken/uploaded any nice picture of myself since the demise of my Instagram, so this one will do. Other than the fact that I'm camera-shy (haha) and this anonymous shot suits me just fine, the person who took this shot also did the editing so that it looks Tumblr-worthy. Not that I've updated my Tumblr recently or anything. It just looks, well, deeeeep.

Also, this photo is to remind me that I am now ring-less. Lost my wedding band in Iceland (long story guys), and Adam thought it would be best for me not to wear our supposedly engagement ring as for now since it's too loose and it often catches on the gloves now that it's winter. 

Read between the lines: I've slimmed down. Or my fingers have.

So here I am, ring-less, watch-less, and bracelet-less - all because I've been spending too much time on the ward apart from cooping in the room pretending to do some revision while sneaking onto Facebook and shopping sites every 10 minutes. Also, tudung bawal ikat bawah is the best, simply because they allow stethoscope to sneak under quickly during those emergency times when the consultant says "have a listen to this" while all you can think at that time is what to eat for lunch. Score. This is probably going to last for at least another three weeks or so. Uh, trendy.

Other than that, I'm pretty happy myself. Alhamdulillah :)

Hope you guys are having more fashionable weeks/months than I am!