Friday, October 9, 2015

"Enjoy Lungkahwee, Peenang, and the sun in general," said my registrar.

... before I left the ward for my summer break.

So this post could begin with either,

1) I was going through pictures taken over the summer break on my phone and I thought, well, I'm feeling a bit rajin now so let's sort them out. 

2) My phone has been giving full storage warning and I really need to get some pictures out of the way without forgetting them.

I'd prefer the first.

Anyways, here are some of the random things that happened over summer.

1. A trip to Teacher Nila's place with Izleen & her little family.
That one and only time when Adam and I did something meaningful together in Malaysia over summer. I arrived KLIA on Saturday afternoon and we went there on Sunday, which was pretty ambitious I must say. Anything for my yayang! Teacher Nila taught us Maths back in KMB so it was a lot of catching up on what KMB has become these days. College patriotism never dies, I tell you.

2. Renewed my IC and driving license.
Costed me RM25 (I think?) for the IC since I didn't renew it before 25yo. Hmphhh. And I thought I had my old IC picture somewhere but I couldn't find it, although I'm pretty sure I looked more mature in the old one. Also, Adam thought I looked like an egg in this picture. I quite like it to be honest, it could've gone worse. Itu gambar masa muda macam nak cari gaduh.

3. Crammed into the backseat with my younger siblings.
Who knew we could all fit into the backseat of a Kia Forte? Ummi took this picture while we were all asleep, and I thought, "How was it possible that Afiq, the tallest among us, managed to land his head on my shoulder?!??!" I wonder if we could fit another Adam (my Adam) in there. Wait, to be fair we did it once before, going for a dinner from my house and Adam didn't want to drive so we all hopped into the Kia with Ayah and Ummi hahahaha too funny!

4. First car accident, ever.
It was right outside Ampang Point when a motorcycle hit the car from behind. I was driving with Kak Hana when it happened. The cyclist got away, and since I had no experience whatsoever with car accidents and stuff, we ignored it for a while. Until I called Ayah and he asked me to lodge a police report, just in case. I was going to see KN after that anyway, so KN and I went to the Balai Polis Trafik Ampang (specific okay, kena balai polis trafik jugak, where the accident happens). Costed around RM180 to have the lampu cover replaced, splitted between Ayah and I. Pfft nasib baik dah renew driving license.

5. Met Kak Hana and her little one in the tummy!
She's popped a little human now weehoo Alhamdulillah. One of the most positive human I've met in this crazy world of medical field. She was doing ED (Emergency Dept) when we met, at 7 months pregnant. And I shall remember her words, "The best decision I've ever made was to move in with my husband. Things started to make sense then." My life shall, too.

6. Day trip to Terengganu and back.
Took a bus to Kuantan to meet my friend, Iejatt (Iz'aan Sapikoh) then drove up to Kemaman to pick Shud (Amira Suhada) up before heading to Kerteh for Yana's wedding, (my Yana!). These high school friends, haih, how la we never changed. Things felt so good, so familiar, so close to home. On another note, back to KL on the same day, sampai pukul 1pagi hari Sabtu. Sabtu ada another wedding, then Ahad another wedding on my inlaws side. Terus I rasa nak kawen lagi tau.

7. Road trip to Penang!
Just to see Izleen and her little one, Naurah. The initial plan was for me to fly up to Penang then we'd stay in a hotel just to have our 'us' time. Romantik bak hang. Then I managed to convinced Ayah and Ummi (and Syahirah, although she didn't need much convincing) to all go and have a random midweek getaway! I am forever indebted with Ayah for this, since we then didn't have to fork out a single cent for the stay. And Naurah charmed everyone so that was job done. Also, gua buli Naurah macam hantu gua rasa Naurah confirm dah mark gua sekarang. Luls.

Kitorang kidnap Naurah letak dalam kereta lepastu bagi dia coklat, malam tu dia hyper taktidur, mak Naurah yang kena jaga luls.

The ones I'm forever indebted to.

8. Jumpa Abil ku sayang.
Ha geli kan. Wahahah. Took a bus to Kuantan (Ayah suggested I drive, terima kasih kerana masih meyakini anakmu ini walaupun dah accident, sobsob), (although to be fair he asked me to take Wira only wahahah) to meet this girl! (Man that's a long sentence?). Stayed over at UIA and the familiarity was overwhelming! Golek golek bercerita sampai tertidur, shopping tudung sakan, haih bila lagi boleh jadi perempuan sebegini?

9. And came home to a bouquet of surprise!
Ini kerja Farah Afiqah yang sweet nak mamp. Girlfriend kasi bunga surprise home delivery, kau hadoo?? We met before I left for UK and I was sooo like, kenaaapaaa kasi kita bungaaaa you don't have toooo!! And she's like, biaaarlaaahhhh. I was like, nangeeesssss, no, I literally cried. This Ara girl, is another friend that we just rolled (literally rolled) our way despite not seeing each other for a long time. Earlier she came to London and I skipped my class just to spend the day with her staying at MARA London doing nothing walking London on foot haha. Gosh gotta love the spontaneity of this girl man.

10. College patriotisme FTW!
Patriotisme lagi, aka memekak berbimbo berjemah kat food court KMB makan mee kungfu. Dengan Ms Yatie lah yang ponteng ceramah agama apa lagi kahkah. Also, acara berkongsi tips rumah tangga dengan Edy, and maybe a bit relevant to the gay KN, luls. Kidding, he's not gay, and he's one of the most gentleman person (right use of adjective?) I've ever known. PM me for number. Wink. Kahkah.

Twas a darn good summer mate.

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