Thursday, October 29, 2015

København, Denmark Day 1.

When I was small Ayah used to respond to my "Where are you/we going?" questions with random places/cities as an answer. Denmark was one of them.

And when Adam had lots of annual leave to spend and I myself just finished my Paediatrics block last week, we decided that Denmark would be a great place for our next adventure!

Yes, we've been so old and boring that the last time we went on a real trip was on 2012, few months after we got married. We had a plan to go to USA which didn't happen and for some reasons I'd like to think that we're so traumatised by it that we didn't go anywhere for years after.

Drama sangat.

Anyway, here, Denmark.

Took a very early flight which meant that we had to leave the house at about 3am. We left at about 4am actually since I decided that I wanted to take a shower at the very last minute. Hehe. Parked the car at Long Term Parking London Luton Airport and barely made it in time for the flight phew!

We flew Easyjet which was okay (and not to mention, cheap) arriving the airport at about 10am local time. Figuring that we had loads of time to kill before checking in at 3pm later, we took our sweet own time having breakfast of fried rice that I packed earlier. Mak mak sangat bawak bekal okay.

Denmark uses Danish Kroner (DKK) as their currency. £1 is roughly equivalent to 10DKK. In term of value-wise, it's not much different from GBP. A proper meal will cost you around 80-100DKK, which again, is pretty much the same as here in UK. Not particularly a cheap destination I guess.

Their public transport is very easy to get our head around, although to be fair we only took the Metro from the airport, and a bus later. Again like Amsterdam, the ticket works on a timely basis. a 3-zone ticket (which is from the airport to city) costs 36DKK and is valid for about 1.5hour. The Metro takes about 15mins from airport to city centre so you have plenty of time to get around the city using the same ticket.

The nearest Metro stop to our hotel, which also happens to be right bang in the city centre.

We decided to roam around since we still have plenty of time before checking into the hotel. So we used the same ticket to get a bus and went to Tivoli area where there's also a tourist information centre. One thing about us is that we always travel with a bagpack/rucksack each, so getting around on foot isn't really an issue, yay! (trying not to judge the suitcase hoarders, hehe)

We just walked around the city soaking the atmosphere (and rain) killing time, really. But to be honest, my feet were already killing me since I was wearing my heeled boots. Which was very weird considering I lived in them for nearly two months last year travelling around with my parents and inlaws! Tak, serius sedih okay bila kaki dah start sakit. It's like, am I really that old? But it has only been a year and I was perfectly fine before! :(

Anyways, some pictures of the streets of Copenhagen.

A shopping mall called Illum. Which is nothing compared to our Mid Valley mahupun IOI City Mall (nak jugak).

The inside.

An observatory tower we came across on our walk. Adam wanted to go in but I was *kinda* reluctant to. It was very cloudy so I thought we might not be able to see much. Would be a waste of money then. 

The entrance.
Actually my kaki sakit, itu je sebab I taknak masuk panjat bangunan tinggi tinggi hahaha.

Fun fact on Denmark. More than 50% of the Danes cycle as their main way to get them to places. To school, to work, to everywhere. It's been said that in every 7 minutes a bike gets stolen in Copenhagen. Well I know the Dutch cycle a lot too, but I'm not sure if it's a means of transportation or merely for the fun/tourism side of it but the Danes sure love their bicycles.

Heart dropped.
Can't handle this.

(I just have to).

Caught some instant fried rice in a supermarket just before checking into our hotel!

Just realised that I didn't take any pictures of our hotel room, which was really nice albeit a bit cramped. Since it's right *bang* (I just have to say it) in the city centre, we took the luxury of chilling in the late afternoon..

Which means sleeping in til night. How typical of us. 

First day well spent, no regret.

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