Friday, September 25, 2015


Pretty good for a word sandwich, no?

Just like what it says, Eid with stethoscope!

Actually long before I came back to UK from summer break, I've already made a mental note on what to wear for Eid this time. Raya haji. Semangat ok! Siap tanya Adam dia bawak baju melayu apa so that we can match.

Turned out we only matched for one thing.

The stethoscope!

Even with that I had to ask him to take a picture with his steths since he's doing psychiatry at the moment, and psych people ain't got time to listen to people's chest. They're only good at listening to the heart (ie what patients have got to say, deep down from the bottom of their heart). Hehe.

No offence to budding psychiatrists out there! (well, me?)

To make it even nicer, we actually didn't get to celebrate Eid together since I'm in Northampton now, and I was too lazy to go back to Leicester for a day just for Eid, nevermind the fact that Leicester is just an hour away. It's like bila makcik jiran sebelah rumah tanya, "tak balik kampung ke raya ni?"

"Tak makcik, malas. Tapi sejam je perjalanan sebenarnya." 

A sacrifice I made for my education and learning. Cannot brain, lol.

But anyways, hope you guys had a good Eid, with the true meaningful message of sacrifice that it brings with. I'm a little bit too far ie detached at the moment I must admit, must step back and find 'the purpose' asap. 

And.. With all that's been going on at Makkah at the moment, al-fatihah, He knows best. May Allah grant the strength and ease the hearts of their loved ones.

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