Thursday, May 21, 2015


I'm back in the running field weehoo!

And no, I decided not to go to Norway. (so random what?)

Got a bigger mission to fulfill so yeah, Norway can wait. I am back on the run jyeah!

(did I just say it twice?)

Actually for months I've been making excuses for not running. Busy on outblock, gym fees too expensive, the weather being too cold, I'm not used to running outdoor.. Well, you name it. All the excuses in the world to justify why I haven't run for nearly 6 months. Half a year I tell you!! Oh the flabby legs and saggy bums..

So I took the plunge and bought myself a running jacket. Not cheap considering I've been trying to significantly reduce my expenses on clothes and the likes. And it doesn't help that all my running gears are from Nike (cause I'm anal like that), so the jacket has to be from Nike as well. But hey, this girl needs to run okay. Rawr.

My first run was pathetic though. It wasn't even 2km when I gave up and took a shorter way home, stopping by at Tesco to buy some chips and junks (the true purpose of the run in the first place) and spent the few days after with jelly legs.

The runs after were significantly better, much to my surprise. Managed to do over 5km without feeling like crap. Even better, I find myself faster on the road than on treadmill! Oh the 25 years of underestimating myself.. Sorry legs. (and bums and thighs, for that matter).

Speaking of runs, I was running at Abbey Park earlier today. It's quite a large park, I think you can cover nearly 3km going around the park alone. If you decide to take the smaller paths crossing the park every now and then, you can easily do 5km.

Thing is, from my house to the park alone is already more than 2km. So when I got there the intention was just to have a quick run around and head back home, which I can easily get 5km out of it. At least that was the plan.

Until I got lost in the park.

I couldn't find my way out to the exit (there are quite a few gates to enter the park) and I was running like a headless chicken, albeit slower. It took me a good 15mins running aimlessly hoping I find the gate where I came from until at one point I gave up. I nearly cried like a lost child in the middle of the park on a bright sunny day. This girl, I tell you, haih.. Hopeless. Finally I took out the good old GPS and found my way back. Hoi siapa je guna GPS nak cari exit park? Embarassing. And total distance covered was nearly 10km! I tell you what, my legs so don't deserve this. Huh. (tak puas hati on behalf of my legs).

I'm turning 25 this year (gosh so old!) and I remember telling myself in my early 20s, that I'll run my first marathon before I turn 25. It's probably too late now though, so I'm gonna make it a half marathon before the end of 2015 then. 6 months sounds not too bad.

Just that maybe for now I can focus on trying to run without getting lost.. In a park.. Full of people.. On a broad daylight..

Poor girl, she doesn't even know where she's going. (secretly judging self)

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