Friday, May 29, 2015


We had a family reunion in Leicester!

My brother and his wife came over for 2 days, and the weather was being nice-ish, so it felt pretty good to have visitors coming over without the weather being hormonal.

And of course, we did the obligatory thing when one is in Leicester - nothing. Literally nothing, just like how when my inlaws came over last time - spent most of the time snuggling in the room, all 5 of us.

So this time we just took a morning stroll to have English breakfast, then walk about in town soaking in the sunlight.

Which is not the main point, to be honest. I just feel the need to talk about something else.

As we walked through the town, hopping from one charity shop to another, I realised how my brother and I are very much alike. We're a morning-ish people, he likes(-ish) shopping as much as I do, and a few random bits and pieces. So as we were going through the worn furnitures and housewares, I watched the two lovebirds talking about their future home and all. Zahid is quite cool to get an opinion on, so it makes their conversation pretty fun to observe.

Then I realised, Adam and I are so different that we don't know where to begin. I'm very opiniated, most of the times I want things to be done in my way. Adam, on the other hand, is a very laid back person. He's okay with most things. So asking for an opinion from him is pretty much like talking to the wall. He's not fussed, so everything is okay to him.

And as we walked through town in the morning, it occured to me, harapan lah nak jalan macam ni dengan Adam. He is so not a morning person, though he's always happy for me to wake him up if I want to do things in the morning (most of the times I don't, because I feel guilty, and he looks too cuddly that I couldn't resist the fluffy bed too).

He can stay glued to the laptop watching movies and dramas, while I prefer reading more. 

We are so different that I sometimes find myself thinking, I wish he's more of this, less of that.. etc. Like when I was watching them buying things, planning for their house, heading towards the normality.. I thought, Adam would probably never bother about it. I can make a decision and he'll say they're good. (chuckling to myself as I'm writing this as it always sounds like he's spoiling me, he's not, he's just cool about most things!). I, on the other hand, am very particular about things - cutleries shouldn't have any holders, kitchenwares must be all white, clothes must be folded in certain ways.. Nak list je pun dah penat okay.

What I didn't say enough though, is how grateful I am for his simplistic mind. He never expects me to cook great food, he doesn't wear the most expensive clothes (and most of them don't need ironing anyway), he doesn't change his watch every two years (and go for a Tag, gasps!), he washes his own plates (and clothes, for that matter), he's a very simple man with very simple needs. 

Of course sometimes I do feel that his outfit can be so lame that it's annoying (if he ever appears smart and well-groomed you can thank me!). Still, I wouldn't trade that to a man with a closet full of Zaras and Topshop, or (insert some other branded manly goods here), as I myself can barely keep up with this whole dress-to-impress affair.

Last year I bought him a watch for his birthday, he took it with the most grateful expression ever! He was over the moon with it. Then on my birthday two years ago, he bought me an iPod classic, which I eventually returned because it's not quite to my liking. Since then he always has second thoughts when it comes to buying me gifts in fear that I might return them!

Guess I'm really that strong-headed, gaaahh.

So, Alhamdulillah, for this simple man I have. I might not say it enough, as most of the times I tell him things that we could've been, should the two of us are more alike. But really, this guy, haih, no word can ever describe how thankful I am for who he is.

Speaking of alike,

Mata mana mata??!?