Thursday, February 6, 2014

27 Days of Home: Day one to four.

Following last summer's holiday that seemed a little too short to my liking (2 bulan setengah dah short, lepas ni summer 3 minggu je gua tak tau lah cemana T_T), I thought I would document this short break as much as I could. It's harder than I thought but I must persevere! Lol.

Day 1: Monday, 27/01/2014 - The day of arrival

Remember my annoying 7-hour-transit post? I was so traumatised by it (emosi bakhang) that I told myself that if I were to go back alone I would seriously fly MAS. And at £640 return flying from Belfast to KL, it's a sin not to buy the ticket! So my route was Belfast to London Heathrow by Aer Lingus followed by London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur by Malaysia Airlines with checked in baggage of 30kg. Deal much?

Annoying fact of the day: Usually a return ticket from London to KL by MAS without any connecting flights costs around £800. But if you fly from different airports into London  (e.g. Manchester - London - KL) with MAS and another code sharing flights, the tickets can go down to £500. Fine of you're living far from London but to us in Leicester which is an hour from London it is such a pain. All I can say is thank you hubs for living in Belfast. Phew.

Anyways, it was probably the best long haul flight I've ever flown in. Ever. No regrets. The food was amazing, entertainment was packed with waaay too many good movies, and best of all, I got three seats in a row all for myself. YES I GOT TO SLEEP 7 HOURS STRAIGHT LYING DOWN NO KIDDING. Tak serious. Boarded the aircraft, had a wonderful supper, slept like a log (literally), woke up to another good meal (breakfast?) and touch down. Wow. Wow. My first time flying alone and it was like a dream. Alhamdulillah.

There were two options for this particular meal, ayam kicap or cod fish. And I was like, AYAM KICAP WAHAHAHAH NO. So cod fish it was then.

Arrived KLIA at about 6pm and went to the prayer room since Ayah and Ummi weren't there yet. And the funny part began.

I just finished praying when Adam called from UK. Talked to him, teased him a bit, went all mushy gooey and stuff, then hung up. That was when an akak in the surau suddenly said "Manjanya suara awak" out of the blue. And me still in my playful mode instantly replied "Cakap dengan husband kenalah manja" OMG TETIBA SANGAT. Akak tu terus excited tanya macam macam, siap mintak nak tengok gambar boyfriend husband lagi. Kawen awal sangat, teruja katanya. Hamboi kak. Lol. In the end she offered to treat me for a drink since she works at Coffee Bean. I mean, seriously? Bapak randomnya. But then shortly after my mom called to say that they've arrived so she just gave me the ice blended hushed me to go to arrival gate. Aloo comel sangat boleh?

Boleh je.

Akak comel nama Halimah kat Coffee Bean gate number berapa gua lupa. Lol

Ayah and Ummi came to pick me up and we had Wong Solo for dinner. It's in my wish list so one thing is off the list! The last time I had Wong Solo was probably more than 3 years back and I must say it's kinda disappointing this time. Well nevermind, no more Wong Solo after this.

The used to be legendary ayam penyet. Sekarang dah kecik, so agak kecewa. But the sambal is still ever so legendary pergh perghh

Jus poligami katanya. It has avocado, pineapple, mango and probably papaya in it? This one is good!

Day 2: Tuesday, 28/01/14 - The day of massive jetlag

Did my ritual toilet-cleaning because I couldn't stand anything green and slippery in the toilet while my siblings got tired of it and just let them be. I think my family secretly expected me to clean the toilet because they know how I hate it, so they purposely leave it as it is all this while. Grr.

Went to send Afiq to his school and stopped by to have some late dinner. Nothing impressive hence no pictures of the food. But this, this I loike.

Tembikai laici dan gelas hispter beliau 

Did you know watermelons are darn expensive in the UK that the chances of me buying them is zero to none? Added with my laziness, as simple as it seems, such drink is far from wish.

Came back to my results being out. Alhamdulillah, I could now tell the world that I'm back in KL. Not that anyone cares wahahahah. Immediately called my mom in law to let her know that I'm home and a date it is!

Day 3: Wednesday, 29/01/14 - A day out with the in laws

A date with the in laws! Okay more like with Umi, really. So Umi picked me up from LRT Sungai Besi (because I'm still hopeless at driving yes you can laugh) and we went to her new house in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn to see the progress. AND I LOVE EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT IT! Not gonna post any details or it might upset dear hubs in the UK (hi sayang!) so yeah. I love the bed most aaaa no words can describe how!

Umi kita comel sangat!

Yet another drink. My ever so favourite 3 layer tea. Umi didn't like it though :( 

We went to have breakfast where Umi insisted that they have the best roti canai (beats the one at our current house in Bukit Belimbing) and man she was right! No pictures though since it was just a plate of roti canai doesn't look fancy or anything lol I'm being racist.

View from the balcony

Love love looove this shot! Umi with her brand new soon to be lived in house! Well not the whole lot la, but you get the idea. Umi couldn't stop saying that we got the best unit and I couldn't agree more. Alhamdulillah!

And next, a surprise visit to Wan's!

(And yes, Wan was surprised. Hikhik)

Succeeded at making Wan smile showing her teeth :D Happiness it is!

So here how the story goes. Wan made us some cekodok bilis while we were there. Apparently it wasn't spicy at all. I didn't say anything as I thought that is how Wan usually does her cekodok. But when Umi took her first bite, she immediately laughed and looked at Wan. Wan, as if taking the cue, said, "Ye lah, dah ada budak Bella ni, mana boleh masak pedas." I MEAN WAN SERIOUSLY T_T Apparently Wan still remembers the first time I went for dinner at her place when Adam and I were still dating (we still are btw hihi), she cooked terung bakar which I couldn't eat AT ALL BECAUSE IT WAS TOO SPICY. She remembers this all the way hence no spicy food eventhough I'd like to think that I've adapted to their spicy food oh noooooo D: Now I feel bad for my in laws sebab Wan memang akan adjust tahap kepedasan masakan beliau when I'm around. Tsk tsk.

And later in the evening we went back to our house in Bukit Belimbing. That was when I realised I left quite a few stuff jugak and Umi had to pack them as well before moving out. Sorry Umi :(

Then it's dinner with Abuya! We had dinner at Pak Ya's Chinese Muslim Restaurant near UO mall Ampang, just after Dagang Food Court. And man, the butter prawn was heavenly.

Don't be deceived by the look. It was probably the best butter prawns I have eaten in my entire life. Approved by Umi too!

Sotong cashew nut apa entah. Nope can't beat the butter prawns.

Steamed fish. And nope, can't beat Doll Tomyam's in Kajang.

Abuya before the food disaster. Everything seems under control.

And this is Umi with helping herself to a second plate of butter prawn. See I told ya? Hahaha!

Later that night Umi sent me back to my place at PV8. Okay I am honestly confused with the use of my, her, our place etc sigh but nevermind. On our way back we talked about life and all its wonders. To say that I am lucky to have her as my mom in law is such an understatement. I am forever grateful for that. I even thanked her for Adam! Comel kan kitaa hahaha!

Day 4: Thursday, 30/01/14 - Do nothing day

Literally what it says. Stayed home doing nothing and just be home. But it was on that day when my mom and my sister Syahirah started to go down with fever, which turned out to be dengue :(

But that shall go into a different post. Til then, inshaaAllah!


Anonymous said...

selamat pulang malaysia santek

Anonymous said...

Kak bella.. May i know, flight from belfast to london tu, baggage dia dah termasuk dlm fees ke kena bayar separetly since guna 2 different flight?

Bella said...

The baggage fees are all included since it's a code sharing flight. So 30kg all the way Belfast - London - KL