Monday, February 10, 2014

27 Days of Home: Day eight to eleven.

Day 8: Monday, 03/02/14 - A date with with bebimbos

Decided to meet up at KLCC since Syeeda had to work on that day. An easy pick for Faw and I as well as we are the MRR2 girls lol. Above all my hats off to Afiqah who came all the way from Klang! Effort la sikit nak jumpa sifu ye dak haha.

Remember these girls? They're all grown ups now :')

A little update on the girls: Both Syeeda and Fawani are now engineers working around KLCC at the moment. Afiqah is going to continue her PhD in Sheffield in April. Irhana is now back for good from her Masters but couldn't be kidnapped due to her being grounded lol. Edy is now in Cardiff doing M.Phil. something I vaguely familiar about but definitely beyond degree. Nina is now working with Petronas in KL, on her way to starting a family.

Nabilah? Lagi dua minggu balik UK belajar medic tak habis habis. Haha.

Tangga kejayaan katanya. Sads

Had chicken parmigiana for late lunch at Secret Recipe and I wasn't too impressed.
We had desserts too which were super nice but I ate them even before thinking of taking the pictures lol. They were chocolate lava cake and all chocolate cake if I remember well?

Day 9: Tuesday, 04/02/14 - Catching up with KN

This one is truly a catching up session since the last time I saw him was in Nottingham's Games in 2012. Almost two years back! And we didn't really have the time to chat as it was already closing ceremony and everyone was rushing to go back. But this time.. All the time in the world! Well not really since I had a curfew by Maghrib lol.

We went shopping for his work shirts at Sogo and much to his dismay, our tastes are nothing alike! I hate looking at men in short sleeved shirts, whereas he's comfortable in them. I don't find plain white shirts with coloured stripes attractive, he thinks they're as good. I like a little pop of colour and designs on a shirt, probably around the colar or cuffs but he goes for the super boring plain ones.

But as much as we'd like to argue on our personal tastes, it all came down to prices. Beggars can't be choosy, no? So he bought three shirts with me half-approving. At some point while shirt-hunting we both agreed that I could never really agree on his choice so I'd just settle for what was there haha!

Then we had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market.

Seafood chowder for starter. It had chunks of seafood in it. Nice!

Seafood platter something I can't remember for our main

It is meant to be shared hence the super large portion. Verdict, not too bad. The seafood was nice but it occured to me that I like my seafood done in a more 'traditional' way when it comes to tempura. More 'celup tepung' like than this kind of posh batter whatnot. I know it doesn't quite make sense but I used to live in Terengganu for more than ten years and nothing beats the 'goreng celup tepung' from there.

Chicken caesar salad

Another point which KN and I couldn't really agree on. I have never ever ever EVER ordered salads or anything like that at a restaurant. But KN likes this particular one that he just had to order it. I played along as I've heard somewhere saying Manhattan Fish Market has one of the best caesar salad. Lie. Or at least I don't agree to it. Nothing impressive, especially when you're Manhattan Fish Market. Could have done better.

But the one thing that I really like was the drink. Or drinks.

My bubblegum something. 
I think it's just sprite with a zest of pineapple syrup and lime. And probably some bubblegum colouring/flavour? Refreshing. Yums.

KN's apple pandan something.
I don't find it too interesting but KN thought it was nice and I thought he was just justifying his choice lol.

All in all, it was a good lunch.

Next we went for prayer and stopped by at CIMB nearby to resolve my suspended online banking. Had a good time laughing at each other's noob-ness since we both couldn't remember our username/password. My case was easily justified since I hardly used the service but his? Just noob, plain noob. Kahkah.

Came home completely knackered, only that night I had to teman my sister at the hospital. 


Day 10: Wednesday, 05/02/14
Day 11: Thursday, 06/02/14

Another do nothing day!

Well not really because both Ummi and Syahirah had been ill so I did most of the house chores myself and if I didn't warn you I HATE HOUSE WORKS. Chores. Lipat kain. Masak. Sapu lantai. Basuh pinggan. I am never the housewife material I'm so sorry! And it doesn't help that we have a twelve-year-old boy who changes his clothes three times a day - baju sekolah, baju sekolah agama, baju main bola, baju swimming (if I'm unlucky) baju tidur, you name it! God helps D:

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