Saturday, February 8, 2014

27 Days of Home: Day five to seven.

Day 5: Friday, 30/01/14 - Balik kampung day!

The initial plan was to go back to Kedah in the morning, but we couldn't be sure if Ummi and Syahirah would be fit to travel. The doctor even warned that if the fever didn't go down by the next day, they should be taken for blood test for suspicion of dengue. So we took our sweet own time in the morning hoping they would feel slightly better in the afternoon/evening. The ritual warung breakfast it was then!

Just the four of us because among us all, the most 'mengikut' person would be Adam first, followed by myself, and last Afiq (sometimes). Especially when it comes to things in the morning. The rest would either be (a) too lazy to come, or (b) asleep.

By noon Ummi and Syahirah weren't showing any signs of getting better, so a decision has to be made. In the end we agreed that only Zahid, myself, Afiq and Adam would go back. Ayah would have to stay to take care of the rest. We have to go back anyway, tanggungjawab sosial katanya. My cousin, Aja was getting married and I wouldn't want to miss it now that I'm back in Malaysia. So off the four of us went.

Left at about 5.30pm, arriving at about 11pm, with the luck of getting the last room available in Sungai Petani. Phew.

Left: Marilah berpoyoan road trip
Right: The boys muka terpaksa kena posing gembira lepas check in wahahah

Day 6: Saturday, 01/02/14 - The day of kenduri

Speaks for itself. It was kenduri all day long. And kenduri always means good food and catching up with family!

The bride

Cousins, Wasyifa and Iba (bride's sister). 
I got the question "Ni anak dara la ni?" twice throughout the whole thing. 
Untunglah balik single.

Arrival of the couple

My in laws on Adam's side - Mak Lang and Kamil

My aunties (Ayah's sisters) - Mak Cik and Mak Ngah

The bride's father - Pak Long

Her dress was custom made, complete with a cape. Superwoman kau

Kak Zu and Kak Huda, the cousin in laws. Err do I make sense?

She got married during the weekend when I had to be single.
Hence the awkward picture haha!

Cousins, Kak Ngah and Firdaus with anak sepupu, Adam 
(too many Adams in the family I'm not very happy about it)

Cousin in law, Kak Bad with the latest addition of anak sepupu

Cousin Abang Mat with his daughter, Hana

Hana gigi dua comel gila rasa nak sepak sepak

My in law (again, Adam's side), Pak Lang and Pak Long Akashah (bride's father)
Apparently they're pretty good friends.

Anak anak Pak Long Wan. I've always admired their humbleness and modesty.

Cousin Kak Ngah and husband with baby Adina

Aunties (Ayah's sisters) Mak Lang and Mak Ngah

That night I went to stay at my in laws' place (I'm gettting more and more confused here lol) because Pak Lang insisted. He laughed when I said we stayed at a hotel the night before because let's admit it, we have plenty of relatives around the area! Pak Long (bride's father) even booked a homestay for all of us and Pak Lang has an empty room spared for us when he knew that we were coming. Our logic was that we knew we would arrive late at night and we didn't want to hassle people. But then, yeah. That's what families are for, really.

Day 7: Sunday, 02/02/14 - Kenduri on the other side

Same whole thing on the groom's side.

The expression when they saw my camera -.-

Zahid with cousins, Syamir and Iman

Kawen paksa lol

Bridesmaid throughout the whole thing

On the right, Mak Long (bride's mother)

Big family just before leaving!

Teletubbies hahahahahaha!
That's us arranged according to heights

And off we went back to KL!

What usually takes around 5 hours became a 10-hour ordeal due to massive traffic jams along the way. Didn't help that I was wearing a kebaya throughout the trip sigh. Left at 2pm only to arrive at 12am erghhh. Anyways, we made it! Both my brother and I agreed that it was a successful trip with the two boys!

Feeling gaya mak mak sangatttt!

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