Saturday, September 14, 2013

Where is home, again?

The other day there's this family who came to Leicester to register the daughter at the uni. Back in Malaysia, they live in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Cheras. I'm no expert when it comes to locations and such. But Bandar Tun Hussein Onn sounds strangely familiar so I asked if it's the one with the Carrefour and Tutti Frutti and Mc Donalds (because they are the only ones that I know around the area, since we sometimes went to Tutti Frutti after tarawih last Ramadhan bahahah). Apparently I got the right place.

Me: Uncle, kat situ ada tasik kan?
Uncle: Haa ye lah tu. Kenapa, you tau area situ ke?
Me: Oh takde, my mom baru beli rumah kat situ. 

It's actually my mom in law. But sometimes I simply refer her as Umi or my mom to keep it simple. But then the awkward moment began..

Uncle: Really? Your mom beli rumah yang mana?
Me: The one yang baru siap tu. Yang empat tingkat tu, area apa tah. 
Uncle: That townhouse tu kan? I see. Ala uncle hari hari tengok area situ, our house facing the lake too. Haa lepas ni berjiran lah kita kan.
Me: (start gelabah) Eh aaaa berjiran. Aah. Hehee.
Uncle: So sekarang ni rumah kat mana?

So the awkward moment was finally there. When people ask where do I live it's almost a reflex action to reply with "Taman Melati". But now, which mom am I referring to?

Me: Err KL.. Eh tak, sekarang rumah dekat Seri Kembangan, area Mines.
Uncle: Eh bukan tadi cakap duduk KL ke? Haa takpelah, sekarang dah berjiran bla bla..

Gosh of course everyone knows Seri Kembangan is actually in Selangor! The thing is I'm not really from Selangor, and PV8 Taman Melati is obviously Kuala Lumpur.

It was even more awkward on my half (konflik dalaman) because earlier on that uncle was asking about my father as he's from Kedah. Of course I was telling him about my Ayah! (though actually my dad in law is from Kedah too haha) Small world huh.

I'm just glad that topic ended there, or else.. God knows how was I going to explain. Not that I didn't want to let them know that I'm married (sooner or later the daughter will find out anyway), I just feel that it's unnecessary given the situation. Also, it's always very amusing to see people's reaction when they find out themselves, really. (evil grin)

The familiar sight of home

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