Thursday, September 12, 2013

Medicinal movie.

Being the nerd me, I have always preferred reading as compared to watching movies. The attention span of a goldfish of mine tends to drive me asleep when I watch movies on laptop or sometimes even on TV. And just in case you're wondering, no, it never happened while in the cinema, except a few minor occasions of midnight movies. On a side note, you should probably know that I am good at sleeping at random places or events, even in the karaoke box, or in the LRT back in KL, while STANDING. Guess I just found something that I am good at, heh. 

Anyway, there was one time last summer when I really wanted to watch Salt because I haven't seen it in a while and why not, it was a good movie. Well at least I thought so. 

We caught the movie on HBO twice, which on both occasions, predictably, I fell asleep. I made a mental note and even told Adam at the beginning of the movie that I reeeeeally wanted to watch the whole movie! So much determination for something that you can download for free huh. But then.. I failed miserably by sleeping peacefully on the couch. As expected. I mean, seriouslyy??!?

But there's one thing that I would definitely go for a movie - clinical examinations. Never in a thousand years do I want to read them up.

Also, I have to shamelessly admit that this is my first time using the CD player on the MacBook Pro. Finally it came to a good use. Pfft.

Here's to a hiccupped four-day weekend!

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