Friday, December 7, 2012

December Photo Day 7: Stars

Photo: Canon EOS 550D (circa 2011)

Alright I admit I might have cheated a little bit with this one. I couldn't find anything 'starry' for today's photo but somehow the word 'stars' really made me think of something, like some kind of repressed memory or something (exaggerated as always)

And then I found this, the first ever picture I posted on my Tumblr.

This was my room back in Kuala Lumpur. The starry lights Ayah bought me at Danau Kota, the pink wall, the baby pink and blue bedsheet.. And there's the white HP Pavillion I have been using at KMB. Ahh. Memories.

On the laptop screen is a Skype snapshot of Izleen. My Izleen.

It gets more emotional when the PMC kids had their farewell dinner tonight, and they posted a farewell video on Facebook. That reminds me that amongst those who are going back next year, there are people who could mean the world to me leaving this cold strange land too.

The picture was taken when me and Izleen were Skyping, she was in Dublin doing her first year of Medicine while I was very much a lonely soul desperate for some love (pun intended) in KL. Couple of months from now, we are going to switch places. I'll be here in UK while she'll be in Penang.

And we'll still be very much in love (??)

"Look at the stars, look how they shine for you."

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