Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Photo Day 1: 8 o'clock

Photo: Canon EOS 550D

First picture, so very semangat that I took out ze EOS550D (I've been too consumed into the Lumix TZ30 lately) and there you go!

The bright pink glow is actualy from an app on the phone, serving as a torch light. The light is obviously white, but the phone cover is bright pink, hence the colour. And no, I can't set the phone to home mode or the app will close. So I had to be happy with the notification mode.

Anywhooo, I had so much fun trying to shoot this! And this is one of the best shot that I could get at 8pm sharp (though the picture itself isn't really so sharp)

To be quite honest, this is another way an excuse for me to play around with the camera. I miss taking pictures and messing around with the apertures shutter speed and everything. But at the rate I'm going, who knows what's gonna happen next. I might as well be back to my own little coccoon.

We'll see, December!

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