Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Photo Day 15: Outdoors

Photo: Lumix TZ30 + iPhone Apps overdo

It's winter so outdoor means out of home rather than out in the nature.

Meet my housemates, Kak Hana, a final year Medic, and Nadd, the same batch as mine. And there's Kak Suzy (not in picture)

When the smoothie arrived to our table, Nadd was wondering if I ordered that and I said no. She then went on saying, "That's why, I was wondering since when you start ordering cold drinks at restaurants."

Which immediately reminded me to KN when we were in Dublin having dinner at Warung Kita, a Malaysian Restaurant there. I told the waiter that I wanted Teh O Ais Laici, and he then added "Kurang ais ye bang."

We didn't see each other for almost a year and he remembered. And it's not like he always took the order for me when we hung out.

The same goes to Nadd, I can't remember telling her that I'm not a big fan of icy drinks, but she just knows.

It's amazing how people know things about you. 
Not because they remember, but because they notice the little things.

And often, it's the little things that matter.

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