Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Something about love.

"Candle light" with husband, one month into marriage, 3rd September 2012


Feel like sharing bits of our marriage story. I know it was pretty much a surprise to everyone, most responses that I received after conveying the news personally were like, 

"It's expected that you two will get married, but not this soon!"

Yes, why so soon? Like out of the blue, all of a sudden?

No, we've had this plan to get married since over a year ago, when he came back for his first summer holiday, and when I was still in Malaysia. We thought we'd see how it goes when both of us are in the UK, and if everything turns out well, we might as well get married.

But why in the holy month of Ramadhan? And so simple, like everything was in a rush.

We might have this idea of getting married for more than a year already, but we were never really serious about it. We both are aware that we're still studying, that our priority lies in our studies. Hence we've never really got down to it, until our summer exam results came out.

So yes, my results came out on 29th June 2012 (I think) and he had his long before. Alhamdulillah we both passed. Only after that we started to discuss about the wedding properly.

We had the solemnization done in Ramadhan because we don't have much time left after Raya. My brother was getting engaged after Raya too, so the dates would be pretty much packed. We were returning back to UK about a week after Raya, and that obviously isn't helping much. So why not do it in Ramadhan and break some traditions? As long as it's not against the syarak, of course..

We honestly wanted a very simple solemnization ceremony. Families, some close friends, and that's about it. But we did make sort of like "announcement" to our friends and teachers that we were getting married. Apologies to those who felt like they were being left out, but it was a very simple occasion and we didn't quite see the fuss of it.

Partly because we used our own money. Well, Adam did. Me, being forever the anak Ayah and Umi, didn't. To be honest, it really didn't feel right to have your parents spending for your wedding. So I really really really wanted the wedding to be as simple as it could, and not burdening them.

Alhamdulillah, we're contented with what we have.

I guess that's about it. We might be young, in love, and a little playful here and there, but we believe this is the best for us. This is what we have been wanting out of this relationship.

We might not be as alim or stok stok usrah (no offence) as anyone else who got married at quite a young age, but we are learning. While at the same time trying to chill (heh)

It's definitely not an easy thing to get married, and not any easier to be married. But it's the most beautiful thing one could ever ask from Allah in seek of our fitrah towards love.

May Allah bless.

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