Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So this one goes to someone who claims to have the same wavelength with me.

You see my friend, life is tough. It knocks us down, pins us to the very bottom of the hole, makes us feel like we're some weak creatures meant to be defeated. Yes life is like that.

But what do we do when we're down on our knees? Must we get up straightaway? No, we're already on our knees, hurt, broken. Hence we pray. We pray our best that Allah will give us the strength to get through the pain. We pray that this test will subside. Slowly but surely. We take time to heal. What's the point of returning to a battle field with broken spirit anyway?

Only then we get back up. Chin up. Stand tall and walk with pride.

They say it's not falling into the sea that drowns you, it's staying in it.

Therefore my friend, take all the time you need, for one day you'll realise this is just another game that life has to offer, that there are more games waiting ahead.

And just when we thought things couldn't get any worse, apparently they can. But the good news is, the same applies to good things too. The best day of our lives are often more than once, remember?

We tell each other to cherish every moment of happiness, mainly because we know they won't last. So why don't we treat challenging moments the same?

Cherish it. Because things happened. You can choose to find someone or something to blame, but what good does it do?

Grieve all you want, be sad, shut yourself down, detach from the world, cry, even.

For in that grievance you'll see how tough you can be.

Because you see, survival is the strongest instinct that we, as humans, have. Realise it or not, we strive to survive every single day.

And yes, life will beat you up, people will turn you down, but in the end, it's you and Allah that matter.

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thats deep. and inspiring. thank u