Sunday, July 22, 2012


Here's a little secret.

I am always in doubt with myself.

There you go, now it's not a secret anymore.

Looking back, however, I know I've come to one of those points in life where I'm very sure of what I want.

I remember the conversation with Ayah when I was in Miri. He kept on saying this thing about "matlamat". Ayah and his matlamat are just inseparable. He's a firm believer that one should have his/her own goal(s) in this life.

He was going about having goals and achieving them, when I am (perhaps) more of a carefree person. Life happens before we know it. There are things we can plan. But honestly I haven't even figured out the outline of my future. Getting a degree, working for how many years before buying my own house/car, at what age to get married, after how many married years do I want to start having kids, what kind of house do I want to live in, how long do I want to work before reaching the next level/hierarchy in my field of work, etc. Heck, I'm not even sure if I want to continue in my current field!

But for now, there is one thing that I am very sure of.


He is my matlamat.

And that left Ayah smiling, in admiration. (kinda)

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Adam said...

N u r my goal.. Haaaaa cne?!! Hehehe ��