Friday, July 13, 2012


Yes I know I'm pretty much a little too clingy, but since now that things are almost a little too confirmed, my clingy-ness somehow gets worse.

I feel like calling him a little too often. When I'm bored, when I'm sleepy, when I'm watching How I Met Your Mother (yes I've only started to watch them don't say anything), when I want to go to bed, when I'm out for dinner, when I'm doing just about anything. Stories short, I feel like calling him whenever I see a phone around (and by that I mean anyone's phone, really)

While I'm still stuck here in Miri. Another two days before my iPhone starts giving notifications of Whatsapp and Viber and Twitter. Or perhaps just the familiar weather temperature stuff.

I. Desperately. Need. Wifi.

And keep the phones out of sight til Sunday.


Leng Chai said...

baru nak tgk himym? lambat giler haha jk aku x tgk pon...

lol bella the overly attached girlfriend. try amek gamba camtu pastu bg die

Bella said...

well well. Bella the overly attached girlfriend has an announcement to make.

But that can wait. Later ;)