Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Break: Makan Tak Beragak.

Adam was here for almost a week and we had a food feast. The theme was Makan Tak Beragak.

Memang betul makan tak beragak lah. In total I think we both spent almost £100 each just for the food. Yes, read that right. Just. For. Food. And that is for EACH.

So that's like £200 for both. Leave it in GBP. Jangan darab lima.

But really, my aim was to fill Adam to the max, since he's been starving for weeks. He only filled himself with DoTA and Korean stuff since his last exam, which was at the end of May. So now it's time to feed him with food. Real food.

1. Nando's

 One whole chicken with 4 side dishes

2. Tinseltown

Lamb chop with mash and veggies

3. Nasik lemak ayam home made (not in the picture)

4. More Buffet Restaurant

5. Piero's Snack Bar

Prawn Mary Rose Jacket Potato

Lasagne with garlic bread

6. Esquires Coffee House

 Chai Latte with cinnamon

Mango smoothie

7. Emerald Thai Restaurant

Prawn Tom Yum

 Thai Green Curry with rice

Salmon in Hot Sweet Sour Sauce with rice

This is our summer vacation. Here in Leicester. But there's more to come next!


Leng Chai said...

kedai mane korang pegi ni? kat belfast ke?

Adam said...

aaaaa sedapnye..huhu missed those fulling moments back to starving mode..

Bella said...

Mau; obviously kat Leicester, Belfast apa je ada. Harap Jaipur sudah lol.

Adam; I know. Me too :(