Thursday, June 14, 2012

Be my big love.

Exam's over. I can now breathe with confidence and pride. (?)

You see, I've always been one hell of an attention seeker.


But only with those whom I care.

To me, they are mine, and only mine.

I still remember last year, when my brother said that he wanted to get engaged. I cried. (We've always been like the bestesterest friends in the world, me and my brother) Then Izleen was getting more and more serious about her wedding. I cried. Later on, KN out of nowhere suddenly said he no longer needed me in his life (drama gila I know). I cried.

At that point I felt like everyone was leaving me. All. At. Once.

Oh, did I mention me and Adam had some rough times as well? Even him? Haish, more reasons to cry.

So the only one person that I kept on turning to was my mum. Yes, Ummi. And she's always there to assure me that she'll love me forever - til death do us part. That's exactly her words.  Sweet kan Ummi? Auww NANGES :')

Only now I feel that her love for me is not exclusive anymore.

Adam. Is. Making. His. Grand. Appearance. Into. The. Family.

And Ummi seems to like him. A LOT. 

Gotta find new love now. Anyone?


Anonymous said...

auww kawin kawin :D

en.wonderwall said...

bila balik? nak amik!

Adam said...

aaaaa sedapnye..huhu missed those fulling moments back to starving mode..