Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer. 365 days a year. HERE.

An unexpected call from London.

So how's everything?
I'm all freaked out.
Man, you should be excited!
I am, but I'm more towards freaked out.
I've been through one of the toughest moments in my academic life, depression whatnot. Was in denial for quite some time, before finally have the courage to move on and accept whatever there is.
So what's not good about it?
After trying so hard, now I've grown to love my current life. This is my life. My comfort zone. I love the people here. I love what I'm doing right now. Now they're asking me to go through another change? After everything?
At least you've learnt. And you've grown stronger.
I have one freaking year to freaking picture what awaits me. Seeing my friends abroad, I'm not even sure I'm up for it. I'm loving it here! 
Look, not everyone gets a second chance. You're one of those lucky ones. Make use of it. You worked hard for this, remember?
I did. I'm just scared. I'll have to leave my circle, make new friends. With my current ones as somewhat my 'senior'. The awkward moment.
Trust me, there's no such thing as seniority here. You'll be fine. You'll get to hang out with them like you used to.
Everything will be so strange. It will be weird. Things change.
Why not, I'll pick you up at Heathrow, you can stay in London for few days, then I'll send you to Leicester. Or if you don't feel like it, we'll just head straight to Leicester and make yourself feel at home.

It's only May, but I'm already freaked out. Summer is here, KN will be home anytime soon. But do I really want to be there? 

Honestly I'm scared.

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