Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stress exam itu normel.

Seems like everyone is busy preparing (or sitting already also can) for the exam. Random Skype messages, random texts received at 10 am (3 in the morning there) meaning that they are all staying up late to study. Emotional freaky status on Skype (not even Facebook yet). Semua pun stress. I'm freaked out myself.

Down here is also in the mood of exam. IB. Final sem exam. In short, everyone is soaking their brain with as many facts as possible, preparing for the exam.

Kalau chat pun dah takde yang nak layan, semua pun sikit3, okay Bella, nak study.

Good luck. All the best. May Allah be with you guys always.

"Stress exam itu normel."

Yours truly,

Stress yang tidak normel, jadi beginilah.

And this is for my sayang in US who does online shopping to cope with stress :P IMY.


petite girl said...

that's amanda! how you do know her bella?

ara said...

I miss you more la.

see u july nanti.jom shopping! :D

Bella. said...

ann; tcher ima is my chem teacher, and amanda happens to be her mentee. kmb. small world :) how do you know her btw?

ara; shopping on9 ke off9? :P

Anonymous said...

kat KMB satu batch brape ramai eh 400 ke?

Bella. said...

tak sampai 400 kot. roughly dalam 300 something during my time.

Anonymous said...

er tumpang tanya kat kmb ade mcm homeroom kan M08A ke E09 kan? kalau m utk medic e utk engine kalau Biotech B eh?

Bella. said...

M08A E09B etc are actually classes. and yes, M for medic, E for engine, tapi biotech students are actually placed in the same class as medic students. same subjects as well :)